The Best Yeast Infection Home Remedy Ayurvedic


With ayurvedic medicines, you can treat medical conditions naturally and improve your health. The same thing applies to treating yeast infections. Even though there are different strains of yeast infection, ayurvedic herbs can be used for almost all of them. You will learn more about yeast infection home remedy Ayurvedic as you go further. 

How to Cure Yeast Infection at Home Through Ayurveda? 

In Ayurveda, you can cure vaginal yeast infection naturally and safely. You have to start by sticking to a good diet. You also have to use the Ayurvedic remedy for yeast infection below. Useful spices you should always include in your meal are ginger, apple cider vinegar, black pepper, coriander, cinnamon, cumin, and aloe vera. While planning to take Ayurveda medicines, it is important to talk to an experienced physician. 

Since physicians are well knowledgeable about the properties of Ayurvedic medicine for yeast infection, they are in the best position to prescribe the herbs that are suitable for your body system. Lifestyle changes are also important in treating yeast infections. You have to stay hydrated and get enough sleep. 

What is Yeast Infection According to Ayurveda 

According to Ayurveda, yeast infection is a fungal infection caused when there is an imbalance in the microbial vaginal flora. People with the condition often suffer from abnormal vaginal discharge. Women of all ages can get the infection, and recent research states that about 70% of women suffer from the disease a minimum of one time in their lifetime.

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What Causes Yeast Infection 

Fungus candida albicans cause yeast infection. It occurs when there is an overgrowth of yeast. Conditions that can lead to yeast infections include pregnancy, antibiotic use, and impaired immune system. Even though different fungi can lead to yeast infections, candida albicans are responsible for most people’s conditions. 

Signs and Symptoms of Yeast Infection 

You can use certain signs to know when someone is suffering from a yeast infection. You can detect the condition early and start ayurvedic treatment for yeast infection by knowing these signs. Some of the signs are explained below. 

Respiratory system 

People suffering from yeast infections often suffer from sore throats, sneezing, burning tongues, and coughs. You might also detect white spots on their tongue. 

Menstrual abnormalities 

It would help if you considered taking a yeast infection test when you have frequent premenstrual tension and endometriosis. 

Nervous system 

Several changes occur in the central nervous system of people suffering from yeast infections. Some of the changes include mood swings, memory loss, panic, and autism. 

10 Ayurvedic Remedies for Yeast Infection 

1. Snehana 

How to treat yeast infection using Snehana 

As the internal body is lubricated during the snehala procedure, the external body is also lubricated. The main aim of lubrication is to remove imbalanced kapha doshas. It is faster and easier when Snehana is made as a single treatment procedure. You only have to administer it orally. In some cases, you might have to administer it via nasal route. 

2. Swedana 

How to treat yeast infection using Swedana 

The main aim of swedana therapy is to make the patient sweat. Sweating helps to reduce coldness in the body. Since the toxins in the human system are accumulated, you can use sweating to liquefy them. That makes it easy to remove ama from the body. 

3. Nimba 

How to treat yeast infection using Nimba 

Even though Nimba comes with a bitter taste, it has a lot of uses. It has both antiviral and antiseptic features, and it can also be used for a lot more things. Apart from treating a case of vaginitis, you can also use Nimba to treat jaundice, malaria, fever, and other bad medical conditions. 

4. Daruharidra 

How to treat yeast infection using Daruharidra 

Daruharidra herb works directly with the circulatory system. It controls liver function and regulates fat and toxin levels in the human system. Since Daruharidra has tonic properties, you can use it against ulcers, skin conditions, and neuralgia. The herb can be taken in different forms, such as paste and neem powders. 

5. Nagavalli 

How to treat yeast infection using Nagavalli 

Nagavalli is a leaf popularly known as Betel leaf in some places. It can be used to reduce the sour feeling in the mouth. Nagavalli also works for the treatment of agnimandya and jwara. Seeds from the betel plant are always effective in ayurvedic treatment for candida yeast infection. 

6. Nimbadi yoni varti 

How to treat yeast infection using Nimbadi yoni varti 

Nimbadi yoni varti can be used in treating vagina discharge and odor. In Ayurveda, it is called yoni shodhak. Other conditions you can use the medicine to treat are shwetapradara and trichomoniasis. To prepare Nimbadi yoni varti, you have to mix nimba and triphala. 

7. Gandhak rasayana 

How to treat yeast infection using Gandhak rasayana 

The anti-fungal properties of Gandhak rasayan make it an effective way of treating vaginal yeast infections. The procedure also works against skin diseases and gastrointestinal conditions. Gandhak rasayana is prepared by mixing cow’s milk, twak, dried ginger, guduchi, and other useful ingredients. For a perfect result, you should follow the instructions of who administered it to you. 

8. Abhayarishtam 

How to treat yeast infection using Abhayarishtam 

Abhayarishtam is made by combining 15 herbs, including amalaki, jiggery, and others. It works against both oedema and fever. Abhayarishtam is also effective in people with heart conditions, anemia, and skin conditions. Abhayarishtam improves the overall health of the human body system. 

9. Abhyanga 

How to treat yeast infection using Abhyanga 

Unlike the other forms of treatments discussed above, Abhyanga is an external oleation. The procedure involves the application of tea tree oil on the body by massage. Abhyanga starts working a few minutes after application, and it boosts blood circulation. It also boosts antibody production by helping the body resist well to vaginal infections. 

10. Pichu 

How to treat yeast infection using Pichu 

Pichu is a therapy in which you apply special oils to the affected areas. The application is made with a cotton pad. The ingredients used in making pichu are nimba, karanja, and sarsapa. There is also a special pichu that can be used by women living with leucorrhoea. 

How to Prevent Yeast Infections 

When fungus overgrows, it usually results in yeast infection. To avoid getting a yeast infection, you have to eat well and take care of your body. It would help if you also treated any underlying medical condition before it worsens. You can always keep yourself away from yeast infections by taking the measures explained below. 

Eat less sugar 

When you consume too much refined sugar, yeast will find it easy to grow on you. You’re indirectly taking ayurvedic treatment for yeast overgrowth by eating less. Other foods that encourage yeast infection include white flour and white rice. 

Managing diabetes 

No matter if you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, the blood glucose level in your body system will be high. That is common in all diabetes patients. As a result, people with diabetes have an increased chance of getting yeast infections. You have to take measures that will control your blood glucose level. 

Vaginal hygiene 

There are strategies you can put in place to avoid vagina yeast infections. They include regular changing of pads and the avoidance of douching. Some bacteria control the volume of fungi that affect the vagina. By douching, you can cause bacterial vaginosis. That leads to fungi overgrowth and causes yeast infection in the long run. 

Using Probiotics 

Some bacteria are beneficial to the body system. Such bacteria help to control the volume of fungi. Indirectly, their activities can help prevent yeast infections. By taking probiotics, you can increase the volume of beneficial bacteria in your body. 

Keeping a healthy weight 

People who are overweight have large skin folds that make it easy to trap heat in their bodies. Yeasts thrive in such conditions. That is why you have to maintain a healthy weight always. 

FAQs About Ayurvedic Treatment for Yeast Infection

Ayurveda has been shown to be a safe and effective means of treating a wide variety of ailments. If you have tried other methods and they have not worked, please consider the questions below.

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Can Ayurveda cure yeast infection? 

Yes, Ayurvedic medicines are effective in the treatment of yeast infections. By using hinguliya manikyarasa, you can reduce C. albicans growth. The application of nimbadi yoni varti effectively reduces yeast infection symptoms and improves the overall health of people. Ayurvedic medicines are a cost-effective means of treating abnormal vaginal discharge. 

Can triphala cure yeast infection? 

Triphala works well against yeast infection. You only have to mix camphor with coconut oil to treat the itching. You can use the triphala tablet. For a fast result, you should use it at least twice daily. The triphala decoction can also be applied to the vagina for cleaning. 

Can Ashwagandha cure yeast infection? 

Since Ashwagandha comes with antibacterial and anti microbial elements, it effectively treats vagina infections. Experts generally recommend ashwagandha for the treatment of yeast infections. You can also use it to treat skin issues such as wrinkles and blemishes. Within a short time of using Ashwangandha, you can achieve glowing skin. 

How can one use Ayurvedic to treat yeast infection? 

There are many methods for effective yeast infection home remedy ayurvedic. The best methods are discussed above. Ensure that you follow all the right instructions and listen to an expert before using any home remedies. Within a short time, you will start seeing results, and you can finally get rid of yeast infections for good.

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