Here is why you Need to Replace Red Chillies with Green Chillies in your Meal!

Benefits of Green Chillies

Belonging to the Capsicum Family, the green chillies are the hot and spicy spice which has been used in international cooking and ancient medicine for ages. While the peppers both red and green as they are commonly called, are easily found in the powdered form, the best way to consume them is eating them raw. This completely alleviates any problems associated with the adulteration and mixing of harmful things in the powder. Once you buy them you can keep them in the refrigerator where they can stay fresh for more than a week too!

Benefits of Adding Green Chillies to your Dinner Table

  • Considering Vitamin A is one of the most important elements found in Green Chillies, this variety of chilly can really improve the vision and keeps eyes healthy and away from infections.
  • With a rich reserve of Vitamin C, Green peppers can also be very beneficial to the skin and overall health of the body since Vitamin C is the key component for increasing immunity and over all well being of the body.
  • You can also prevent common lung and gastrointestinal infections by consuming a regular amount of green peppers every day.
  • Those who eat green chillies also have shown delayed aging as compared to those who do not eat green chillies.

Chillies Make You Happy

The best part about eating chillies is that it makes you happy. Quite Literally In fact! Eating green chillies makes the body release Endorphins which are the happy hormones rushing through the body. Thus, a bowl of food that has green peppers would make you feel happy!

Looking for a good reserve of Vitamin C that tastes as good as the benefits it would offer? Green Chillies is what you should be eating!

Hardip Koradia

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