Why Workaholics Need a Complete Healthy Diet than Others

Diet Tips for Workaholic Woman

Workaholics are always looking for an easy meal, but not necessarily the healthiest. It has to be quick and easy and something you can pop in the microwave or oven. The problem there is the large amounts of sugar, salt and fat in these already prepared meals. The high salt intake is dangerous for those with a stressful job. Here is why workaholics need a completely healthy diet as compared to others. Read this for your workaholic partner so they can sit down and enjoy a meal with you.

  1. Make a list

Write down your schedule so you know what you are doing on which day. This will show gaps in your day for cooking and food shopping. Yes, I know you need to find the time to make the schedule, but keep in mind that you can work on it 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there. This will help you adjust your time week by week since your Monday to Friday schedule probably does not differ all that much.

  1. Healthy eating plan

Go online and see what is fast and easy to cook. Lots of celebrity cooks have one pan meals. Since you are a workaholic, you probably live on your smartphone. If this is the case, then you can easily add an app for cooking meals on your phone. One of my favorites is from the BBC. They have a variety of meals that are easy to cook and delicious. There are curries and pies and everything in between. What is great about these meals is that they can last you for the rest of the week. I often make a cottage pie on a Sunday, and it will last me until Thursday. Just slice and microwave. It is fresh and easy, and I know where all of the ingredients came from since I made it myself.

  1. Prepare your lunches early

I recommend taking a Saturday or Sunday off and focus on your meals for the week. As I said earlier, I often make a large meal on Sunday that will last most of the work week. This can be done with your lunches too. I will make my own hummus on Sunday and use it with carrot sticks and pita bread for lunches rotating between the two. I will also make little finger foods to bring into work like falafels, so I always have something healthy to munch on. This not only saves you money, but it saves you calories as well.

  1. Plan on your breakfast

If you only have a small window, set your coffee timer and grab a cereal bar on your way out the door. Sometimes those extra zzz’s are more valuable than a sit down breakfast. Remember always to have a piece of fresh fruit and protein along with your cereal bar. I always recommend raw almonds or walnuts since they will keep you fuller for longer. Just grab a handful and that is equal to about 100 calories.

  1. Activate that pedometer app

If you sit in your office all day, it is important to remember to get up from your desk and take a walk to the kitchen even if it is to fill up your water bottle. Keeping track of your steps is great and is also a good source of exercise. A FitBit worn around your wrist like a watch will vibrate to get you to move around when you have been idle too long. This is a nice and friendly reminder about living a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Read labels

If you are unable to make your own healthy meals, then look at labels. Make sure that they are low in salt, sugar and fat before you purchase your microwavable dinner. If you go to an organic or health food store, it will be better for your waist line and heart. The meals are homemade there and contain whole ingredients. If you do not have a local health food store, then try to find a Whole Foods. They often have a salad bar and buffet so you can make your own healthy meal that is more catered to you and your style. Just be sure not over to do the salad dressing since that is often the silent killer when it comes to salad making.

If you follow these easy steps, then you will be a healthier workaholic. A healthy diet is not just about food, but about an entire lifestyle. If you do not have the time to hit the gym, then you should be hitting the pavement by walking or climbing stairs rather than taking the lift. Just these easy steps will help you live longer and then you can enjoy your retirement.

Katleen Brown

Katleen Brown is a health, beauty & fitness writer. She loves to publish her articles on various health related websites. In her spare time, she likes to do research and write articles to bring awareness. Recognizing the unity of body, mind, and outlook, she helps empower women to tune into their innate & inner wisdom to transform their health and truly flourish.

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