Why Musk Melon is Good for Health?

Belonging to the melon family of the fruits, both water melon and musk melon have a composition of almost 90 % of water. This is the main reason, why these fruits are essentially consumed in the summers and help in beating the heat by keeping the body hydrated. While water melons and musk melons have almost the same composition, the musk melon is a preferred fruit for the winters due to its normal potency as compared to the water melon which is of a slightly cooler potency. We give you seven reasons to fall in love with the Musk melons.

6 Health Benefits of Musk Melon

Musk melons have a rich water content and keep the body hydrated. This makes this fruit best suited for diarrhoea and dehydration

  1. Musk melons improve the natural immunity of the body and protect against cancer and other common ailments
  2. Musk melons when grated, can be applied on the skin to remove tanning and treat sunburns
  3. Musk melons also help to detox the kidneys and keep them fresh and healthy
  4. Musk melon Seeds have anti-aging properties and fibrous texture making them help in digestive functions of the body
  5. These melons can also be used to flush the digestive system due to high roughage in the pulp of the fruit
  6. Vitamins and minerals along with a rich reserve of antioxidants also make this fruit help the body against aging and keep you young

Need we say more? Apart from this well suited to all skin types, melons also help in regaining the elasticity of the skin making it of extensive use in skin and scalp treatments. Thus, musk melon has many skin benefits as well.

Hardip Koradia

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