What to Prepare for the Swedish Massage

The first thing to keep in mind is to know that it is a Swedish massage, it is known as a massage with the purpose of eliminating all the tensions accumulated in the body, many people usually ask for it to reaffirm both the joints and the muscles.

The Swedish massage is considered a western massage, this type of massage achieves its purpose by the pressure and stretching that the massage makes to the person or client who is going to perform said massage.

It is one of the most ancient massages in the history of massage, yet it is considered very common for many people, hire a massage therapist to give you this type of massage is very routine, but if it is to achieve a toning and relaxation of the muscles.

Many experienced massage therapists usually start with this massage, and in many academies where they give courses or therapeutic information, they usually use Swedish massage as the basis for learning about the other massage techniques.

Swedish massage has its origins since 1868, by a Swedish doctor and not by the Swedish educator named Per Henrik ling as mentioned above. It is important to be aware of the origin of the massages, this defines its style and use.

The creator of this massage was Johann Georg Mezger, a Swedish doctor throughout his life gave much importance and importance to medicine and gymnastics, in the year 68 he created a dissertation of about 47 pages, this being the basis of the origin of the Swedish massage.

This massage offers or has 5 main techniques. First, we have the Effleurage, it is carried out by means of long and slipped sobados that is exerted on the body of the person receiving the massage. Then we have the Petrissage which is only done by kneading the muscles of the person receiving said massage, then we can get the Friction massage, it consists of circularly and firmly rubbing the areas treated with this massage.

We cannot forget the Tapotement technique, it focuses mainly on the touches or percussion movements and finally we have the Vibration technique, it is nothing more than the muscular vibrations made in particular areas. For this reason, Swedish massage is considered the basis for endless massages throughout the world, with the amount of techniques it covers and the benefits it offers, it is essential to have that knowledge when you need to hire a massage therapist.

This type of massage for many is a strong massage, for this reason when hire a massage therapist, this massage it is best to verify the implements that you will use, it is best to have it on a massage table that has a mattress with the thickness not so thick, that it is something thin, in this way the rebound effects are avoided and thus the desired result will always be achieved.

Every folding table is adapted for this type of massage, when it comes to oils or lotions, these two elements will help you get a Swedish massage suitable for those who need it.

This type of massage must take before a few steps to follow that every massage therapist should perform, the first thing is to know the health status of the person who is going to perform this massage then this will lead the massage therapist to ask other questions associated with the information provided, in this way the massage professional will know what places you can massage, the strength that will be used, for next, just wait for you to indicate the way in which the massage will be carried out, he will always ask the person who He does the massage, if he is comfortable and relaxed. Even though many believe that massages should start upside down, this is not always the case.

With this detailed information but you can understand what a Swedish massage is about, the method or techniques that are usually applied and the main preparation to start this type of massage, not forgetting the tools that are needed or required to achieve a good treatment and get the right benefits, all in relation to what the person who is going to perform this style of massage will really need.

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