Ways On How You Could Delay Your Periods


Every female between 12 to 50 years of age has to go through menstruation. Such a type of condition brings in felinity and distinguishes then from men. But, there are chances to delay periods simply because of pain and discomfort. So, if you have that on your mind, then you should go through the remedies compiled below. It may not be a good idea to delay a menstrual cycle, but sometimes it’s beneficial for women. It is synonymous to charging yourself after a long time.

Effective Ways on How to Delay your Periods

Avoid Eating Spicy Food

When you’re on a diet, you should always avoid eating spicy food. These include chilies, black pepper, garlic and many more. Although the fact is not supported by a proof, it’s a belief that spicy food makes the menstrual cycle come sooner than it’s expected. Follow this tip well before time and much before the expected date.

Drink Lots Of Water

If you want to push the period to a later date, then it’s good to drink water after short intervals. While it depends on how your body reacts, water makes periods lighter even if menstrual fluid comes out. The tip is useful but if nothing works, then water offers tons of health benefits. Just make sure that you drink water more than the usual quantity. Limit the glasses only when can’t stop running to the toilet.

Drink Lots Of Water

Breast Massage

Switch to breast massage, which is a scientifically proven method. Simply, move your fingers gently on your breasts for a long time. Apply a slight pressure outwards from the nipple to the outer sides. You need to perform the act in a circular motion for at least 200 times every day. This would certainly help you prolong menstruation.

Consume Progesterone Supplement

For those who are taking birth control pills, you can withdraw for a week. But, if you haven’t consumed pills anytime before, then you should take progesterone supplements. As you change the hormone level, you can reduce abnormal menstrual periods and seek a way to extend the menstrual cycle. Not just that, you would also be minimizing the chances of menopause in future. If you’re not sure with what menstruation is all about, do go through our blog.

Birth Control Pills

If you don’t know how to delay periods in a natural way, then you should consult the doctor and take birth control pills. Follow the habit for three weeks, throw the pack and start off with a new set. The method actually works because periods get postponed due to rise in the hormone levels. But, if dealing with periods is not what you wish, then you can always search for other options to have a period once a year or once in three months. Alternatively, go for Norethisterone, a hormone that delays periods and keeps you from getting pregnant.

Go For Excessive Exercises

Emotional stress is one of the main reasons why you have to face a menstrual period. So, to clear away stress, you should exercise on a regular basis. As stress simmers down right from the higher limit, you would also gain control over the menstrual cycle. Studies reveal that individuals who don’t exercise often have to handle period irregularities such as twice in a month.

Exercises don’t mean visiting the gym when there’s enough time to spare. It may be in the form of jogging, swimming or running down a winding road. Besides, a lady can ride a bike along the mountain slope. Just ensure that you have rejuvenated yourself with a high intensity workout. Continuous movements are equivalent to prolonging menstrual periods and maintaining stability as well as health. You would also be toning your body and shedding loads of calories.

There are several reasons why you should exercise. As your body saves energy to maintain the current condition, unnecessary functions stop and vital functions gather momentum. Though you may not have lost weight, exercising brings in the difference. Take a break to reduce the risk of Amenorrhea (absence of periods) and osteoporosis.

Natural Ways On How to Postpone Periods

When you don’t have an answer for the question, ‘How to delay a period’, then you should consider these remedies.


Vinegar is an ingredient which is available in a kitchen or at the Chinese food joint. Just add 3 to 4 spoons of Vinegar to a glass of water and drink the mixture three times every day. A regular intake of vinegar-water blend would not only slow down development of menstrual symptoms but would also reduce menstrual flow and delay the period.

Gram Lentils

Popularly known as a rich source of proteins, gram lentils is a great substitute for birth control pills. You should always prepare a soup after you have fried and grated such pulses to form a powder. Be certain to add warm water for a consistent blend and to avoid lump formation. Relish the soup seven days prior to the expected date. For effective results, consume the recipe in the morning when your stomach is empty.

Gram Lentils

Parsley Leaves

Besides strengthening bones and the nervous system, Parsley is capable of boosting the immune system. But, that’s not where everything ends. The leaves offer a benefit of curbing excess body fluids and controlling the menstrual cycle naturally. You only have to prepare the concoction and drink it when it’s warm. Simply, boil a few leaves, strain the mixture and add a few drops of honey. Consume the herbal tea twice or thrice in a day to observe results.


A substance form collagen, Gelatin helps in different ways. Apart from helping you to enhance beauty, it offers a solution to bring estrogen back to the normal level. Since it deals with the hormone efficiently, you should always eat Gelatin at the last minute. Use the substance when emergencies strike. Never consume on daily basis.



Citrus fruits like lemon can make things simpler owing to its acidic properties. You can either chew or suck the juice to stop the flow. You can also drink lime juice for similar results. As a word of caution, never consume excessive lemon or else you would be suffering from pain during the next period.

To gather information on natural foodstuffs, do check the link mentioned below.

Finally, if nothing works then you should massage the uterus area. You can also gain energy and nutrients by nibbling on fruits. You would be staying healthy and would be enhancing the time interval till the next period arises.

As imagined, dealing with menstruation is a different ball game altogether. You can only follow the aforementioned tips to be on the safer side.

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