Ways on How To Prevent Nails from Breaking

Ways on How To Prevent Nails from Breaking

Do you hate your looks when you have broken nails? It’s fine if nails break due to an accident. But, when the occurrence repeats, then it’s serious and you need to fix the problem. So, if you’re dreaming to have nails like a celebrity, then you should surely go through these tips.

Ten Ways on How to Prevent Nails from Breaking

Keep Nails Clean

When you desire to have beautiful hands, you should pay attention to your nails. Firstly, you need to wash your hands and then use a nail brush to scrub them thoroughly. While tops and folds are cleaned, dirt hidden near the bed is also driven.

Moisturize Nails After Washing

Water makes skin tender and dehydrates nails at the same time. So, for compensating the effect, use a moisturizer after every hand wash. As you rub your palms, ensure that nails are always moisturized. Never shuffle between health care products. Instead, stick to a moisturizer which you would be using for a long time.

Wear Gloves

When you’re engaged with household chores, protect your nails by wearing gloves. Soap and cleaning agents contain chemicals that harm nails. Prefer wearing latex gloves while you are working in the kitchen. Moreover, wear rubber gloves when you’re washing crockery and utensils. Dish washing beyond a limit can lead to brittle and dry nails. This tip is important because you would be using hands for washing dishes. Do follow the habit when you’re maintaining your backyard. To rule out broken toenails, shield legs with socks.

Use Petroleum Jelly

Soon after a bath or shower, you should moisten your hands and nails with petroleum jelly. Alternatively, you can also use avocado oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil to hydrate nails. When you buy branded nail moisturizers, read the contents carefully. Such products can contain urea, alpha-hydroxyl acids, and lactic acid. These substances eventually give way to something serious like dermatitis.

Polish Nails Regularly

Apply nail polish with an objective of reducing moisture. After you have laid the base coat, layer it with two more coatings. Base coats prevent polish from chipping while top coats add on to a glossy finish. Do understand that nails are made of keratin and don’t require oxygen for its development.

Avoid Filing When Dry

Nails constitute layers and the natural oils act as an adhesive to keep them together. Cutting nails when they are dry can cause splitting or separation. Ideally, nails should be clipped only after bathing or washing hands. At that instance, nails are soft and there’s little chance of breaking off. Never change directions when you’re filing nails. A back and forth action can lead to splitting. This is also an effective way of preventing toenails from breaking off.

Don’t Use Nail Hardeners

As nail hardeners play their role, the toluene-sulfonamide-formaldehyde resin makes nails dry beyond your expectations. So, to avoid the loss, purchase nail hardeners once you’re sure that they are ‘formaldehyde-free’. But, even when the ingredient is not present, 1 to 2 percent concentration is always acceptable. The formulation also may not result into a cracked toenail.

Don’t Use Cuticle Removers

Cuticle removers usually contain alkalis which destroy keratin. The high alkali content can cause dermatitis if the cream stays for a long time. Never test your might with cuticles or else you would have a tough time dealing with inflammations. On the other hand, cuticle removers affect the nail plate when they serve the purpose of softening.

Never Bite Nails

It’s unhygienic to bite nails because they aren’t clean all the time. A regular habit may lead to pain, infections, choppy nails or bleeding. So, to gain control, visit a spa to get them manicured. You can also check a piece of carrot whenever you feel to bite. Alternatively, paint nails with an inhibitor.

Never Use Nails As Tools

Always think twice when you’re using nails. You may land up with chipping whenever you are about to remove stickers, open cans, or remove dirt. A misuse can lead to wear and tear. Nails are grown to boast style, they are certainly not tools.

Finally, you should be wearing gloves when winter creeps in. Cold weather makes nails more dry and brittle. The risk of breaking increases even when you are typing on a keyboard.

To conclude, care and love your nails since these add glory to your hands and feet. If you can’t get away with the condition after following these tips, then you should consult a doctor.

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