20 Common Uses of Honey In Home Remedies

Honey Home Remedies

In Ayurveda, uses of honey seems an ancient practice as this natural sweetener has many health benefits to offer.

Honey is a natural sweetener everyone is aware of. But, those who are seeking to eat processed food items in moderate quantity, honey could just be the choice as a sweetener. While commercial honey is free from pollens, raw honey doesn’t undergo any of the processing stages. In fact, it is high in a number of microbial agents and numerous antioxidants.

Since raw honey isn’t processed, it is found in the form of crystals and may not be available in liquid form. So, the best way to purchase honey is from a local producer around the area you reside in. While you are sourcing honey, you should spend time asking questions and check whether the viscous liquid is authentic.

Before we look at the several honey uses, let’s first have a look at the types.

Types of Honey

Depending on the nutritional value, an individual may come across different types of honey.

Manuka HoneyManuka Honey – It is considered as a healing agent that’s been used for treating acne and wounds. Besides, it can also be used for common ailments, cold, sore throat owing to its properties. Among the types, the person can also source linden and eucalyptus honey due to its antibacterial properties.



Acacia honeyAcacia Honey – This type of honey is extremely beneficial for cleansing the liver as well as the digestive system.




Buckwheat honeyBuckwheat Honey – Such type of honey is darker in color and loaded with antioxidants when compared to the other types.




Neem HoneyNeem Honey – This type is used when people are suffering from problems due to diabetes and high blood pressure.



Top 20 Common Uses of Honey

Uses of HoneyIf you are going to include honey in your diet, then you can check out honey uses.

1. If you are feeling uneasy due to bowel irregularities or any problems related to digestion, then you should take one or two tablespoons of honey. While you get relieved from the problem, the substance won’t ferment the stomach at any point in time.

2. In case you are can’t control nausea or a vomiting sensation, then you could use honey after mixing it with ginger extract and lemon juice.

3. A face pack comprising of honey can be the best face cleanser to improve skin texture. You would also be glad to combat acne, and blemishes on soft and sensitive skin. So, as you think about the remedy, you must take half a spoon of honey, rub it on your hands, and spread it on your face evenly. As you leave the viscous liquid on your face for 10 minutes, you need to wash your face thoroughly with warm water. Later, you need to wipe your skin dry with a soft cloth.

4. In case you finding a better way to get rid of dead skin cells, then you can use honey as an exfoliator. The viscous substance works wonders especially when the skin becomes dry during the winter season. So, as you proceed, you need to fill the bathtub with warm water and add two cups of honey. Soon after you relax for a time span of 15 minutes, you should add a cup of baking soda and soak yourself for some more minutes.

5. Regular consumption of raw honey can actually mitigate the risks of getting prone to diabetes. While you would no longer have to take medicines, raw honey increases the insulin level and decreases the blood sugar level. To observe the results, you can add a little bit of honey to blood sugar and check the reaction.

6. Since honey reduces the cholesterol level in the bloodstream, the substance can reduce the risks of suffering from coronary heart diseases. Apart from keeping the cardiovascular system healthy, honey also helps to meet fitness goals and lose fat around the internal organs.

7. Since raw honey helps the brain to function at an optimal level, the substance not only strengthens the heart but also enhances the blood circulation.

8. Consumption of honey boosts the immune system to a better extent. While it enhances the level of antioxidants, it can help to cure a number of ailments and diseases.

9. If you are unable to sleep during the night, then raw honey can improve sleep quality. Once you drink warm milk soon after mixing a tablespoon of honey, you would perceive a hike in the melatonin level and sleep in a much better way.

10. Due to the presence of natural prebiotics, honey can help to promote good bacteria in the intestines. This helps to reduce the risk of suffering from ailments associated with the intestine.

11. If you are conscious about your health and thinking to manage weight, then honey would certainly help. Instead of using processed sugar, you can use the substance while preparing cocktails or smoothies.

12. If you are thinking about a solution for dry skin, then you would seek the benefit after using honey. You just need to mix a spoonful of honey with some lemon juice and olive oil. Later, you need to apply the lotion several times during the day.

13. Honey can be used for retaining the shine of your hair. So, as you think about this cost-effective solution, you can prepare a hair mask after mixing a tablespoon of raw honey and five cups of lukewarm water. Once you apply the mask on your scalp, you need to wait for a few minutes, and then wash the hair thoroughly. Afterward, you need to dry the head under natural air and think about a style that suits your preferences.

14. Honey can be a remedy for treating eczema which is one of the skin diseases. So, once you start preparing a topical mixture, you need to mix honey and cinnamon in equal proportion. After a few minutes, you need to apply the lotion, leave the affected area as it is, and then rinse the skin with cold water.

15. While the intake of honey can help you to stay healthy, you can use the viscous substance for reducing inflammation and treat conditions like asthma.

16. In order to speed up the healing process for wounds, you can apply honey directly on abrasions, skin rashes, and wounds.

17. Honey is beneficial if the person is suffering from a urinary tract infection. The difference is perceived due to the antibacterial properties and the growth of good bacteria in the intestines.

18. Apply shampoo with honey as the main ingredient can certainly help to improve the health of your hair and the condition of the scalp. While you would be delighted in retaining the texture, your hair would appear shiny like never before.

19. Honey can serve to be a fantastic remedy whenever the person is suffering from a sore throat. For faster recovery, you need to mix honey with lemon juice and essential oils like peppermint oil. Later, you can think about applying the solution directly around the affected area.

20. If you use honey that’s sourced from a beehive, then you can find a solution to allergies. These are usually the allergies that are caused due to pollutants present in the air.

So, as you can see, honey offers numerous benefits in addition to being a natural sweetener. So, if you are thinking to make a purchase, then you should remember to visit the local outlet or buy honey through an online store.

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