Unknown Health Benefits of Cashews (Kajus)

Cashews Health Benefits

Dry fruits have been the natives of Middle East and Persia and have been extensively used. In fact, preservatives and dry fruits are the best resources of minerals and essential nutrients that are needed. Dry fruits have some elements that are not commonly found otherwise. This write up is about one widely known dry fruit called cashews and also explains the benefits of cashew nuts.

Cashew nuts are multi-purposed and eating widely all over the world in different forms. People used to mix it in different recipes, sweets and can also be processed into cashew cheese and butter. Besides it uses, cashew nuts are famous for its tremendous health benefits.

Benefits of Cashews (Kajus)

  1. Cashews have a warm potency and so can be consumed in winters to keep the body warm internally thereby offering protection against common cold and flu
  2. Cashews are also used in a paste form and applied on the face to remove wrinkles and age spots because of the anti-aging properties
  3. Cashews are needed and recommended for improving bone health and increase the lubrication in the joints easing pain and inflammation
  4. Cashews are also majorly used as taste builders in the body for their tendency to blend with all other components of the food
  5. Cashew nuts are a rich source of vitamins that are important for eyesight and hair. This is why eating cashews everyday leads to a boost in the skin and hair.

Are Cashews Good For you?

Cashews are also excellent nutrients to curb the hunger and do not add to the weight of the body thereby making it a good snacking option. This is why keeping cashews are a healthy option for mid meals and hunger bites.

Cashews are also consumed in the raw form like walnuts and almonds when they are green and unripe and are considered to be the best among the dry fruits. Cashews can be eaten in the ripe or the raw form and also be roasted, baked and mixed with other things like bakeries and confectioneries. One of the brands of chocolates that mixes cashews with their choc-bars is actually not counted as a junk food item!

Apart from tissues and a wallet, what you need in your pocket is cashews!

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