Torus Mandibularis – Everything About This Bony Growth On The Lower Jaw

Torus Mandibularis

Torus Mandibularis is generally a bony growth in the mouth which is developed on the lower jaw i.e. beneath and also the side of the tongue.

According to the reports of NIH (National Institutes of Health), about 27 out of every 1,000 adults are usually affected by the Tori Gums.

But, it is not so much popular as the other oral health conditions. Read on to get some important facts which about this bony growth on the lower jaw.

Causes of Torus Mandibularis

There are usually many causes of torus mandibularis which are needed to be known. As per NIH, the development of this particular condition is generally driven by the genetics.

This genetic influence can be well reflected in the studies of twins. In preferably one of the study, it is seen that a whopping 93.6 percent of the identical twins either possess torus mouth or tori gums or both lacked them. This is according to the NIH reports.

But, this particular concordance among fraternal twins was mainly observed in about 79.4 percent of pairs.

Symptoms Of Torus Mandibularis

Mainly, in the beneath as well as on the side of the tongue, this condition is generally present as a bony growth. You may have either one or multiple growths and so, it can occur on one or both sides of your mouth.

It specifically does not have any of the symptoms but, sometimes, many problems are generally caused by this condition. In case you wear dentures, this particular growth can usually interfere with the fit of your lower denture. Due to this, your denture may not stay in place and so, it can be much uncomfortable.

In some cases, the soft tissues which are covering the growth can particularly become ulcerated.

Treatment Of Mandibular Tori

The growth of the torus mandibularis is sometimes asymptomatic and so, it generally needs to be evaluated by your dentist. In case, the dentist confirms its growth then he/she may preferably recommend not treating it. Generally, experts always suggest to keep these benign growths undisturbed.

If the growth of it is painful and also is generally interfering with the fit of your dentures then in that case, surgical removal is the best way to get rid of it. With the help of traditional surgical tools or any newer methods like lasers, it is possible for an oral surgeon to remove the overall growth.

How to Manage With Such Dental Torus?

How to Manage With Dental Torus
How to Manage With Dental Torus

If the advice of your dentist is preferably against treatment then in that case, inside your mouth, the bony growth will remain. While, if the growth is much small then this does not generally bother you but the presence of large bony growths is somehow distracting.

You should also avoid touching the growth with the help of your tongue. To keep your tori clean, you can also generally rinse your mouth with the help of a good mouthwash as it plays a very important role for gum health.

It is also advised to examine any of the growths occurring inside your mouth by a good dentist that will help us to remain safe.


In this way, this article generally covers important information about this bony growth on the lower jaw. It also helps us to have a brief understanding as well as knowledge about this important oral health topic.

It is always important to seek the advice of your dentist or any other qualified healthcare professionals in case of further questions about the treatment of this oral health condition.

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