Surya Mudra Steps and Health Benefits

Surya Mudra

Surya Mudra – Know how to practice it and prominent Health Benefits


Surya Mudra

It is said that Mudras can influence your body and mind greatly. They are known to have the healing properties which might not make you just healthier, but also enhances your life span. Mudras are said to have healing properties which are much better than the medicines that we consume these days. Life is really stressful at present  that you don’t have time to think about your health. In fact, health is given last importance these days. And everything career and money has become important for us.

So all these are taking the majority of your health. This is why there are plenty of health problems and so deadly diseases coming up. Earlier you might not be heard about this disease. So Mudra is a sustainable and healthy work out which might give you plenty of health changes. Thus, everyone, these days is suggesting all follow mudra to give you plenty of sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

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What is Surya Mudra?

In the Indian history, there are various essential mudras. All of these have got very deep relevance linked to them. They are meant to repair or heal some of any body parts. They have the property to heal any body part or they can take care of some health problems. Some mudras  are also meant to nurture your memory and enhance your confidence level.

One such essential mudra is Surya mudra which means the sun to lessen the earth element from your body. So, what it does in return is that it increases the fire element in your body.

The fire element in your body acts as a catalyst.  It can enhance or it can regularize your inner body vigor. It can also fasten your whole internal process. It is suitable for those people who are very lazy. This Mudra will boost their activity and pace.

Steps of Surya Mudra

  1. Sit in your comfortable posture. You can either also try to sit in Padmasana or half lotus, your wish. Ensure that you are comfortable. Also, sit on a mat or a blanket. You are not recommended to sit directly on the floor.
  2. You can also perform Surya Mudra either by standing or sitting.
  3. Hold your hand in front
  4. Bend the ring finger and then slowly each finger. Your finger tip must mount your thumb.
  5. Now press down your ring finger with your thumb slowly.
  6. Ensure that the remaining fingers must be spread out in a right manner.

This is Surya mudra. It’s simple and easy.

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The Benefits of Surya Mudra

  • It can produce heat in the body. You can try out this when the weather is chilly and cold
  • This can enhance your metabolism
  • Aids in digestion
  • It can lessen the body fat

You might be excited about Surya mudra after reading this article. This exercise can be done three times a day with a time interval of 15 to 20 minutes. Ensure to maintain a gap for one hour before consuming food.

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