Tips to Strengthen Your Nails Naturally

Strengthen Your Nails Naturally

Strengthening nails naturally can never be an easy task, when you use hands for several purposes. You may be sincere enough while taking biotin pills, but with the nail polish, you have to push yourself to make nails strong. Thinking about best solutions? Consider these ways to overcome the problem of unhealthy nails.

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Natural Tips to Strengthen your Nails

Shea Butter

Owing to its moisturizing properties, Shea butter can be chosen depending on the cuticles. Even before you start maintaining nails, rub shea butter on nail beds and cuticles. Continue doing this task for at least 20 minutes. Not only does this help to strengthen nails but also heal beds which have been damaged.

Castor Oil

After a hard day’s work, it’s advisable to rub castor oil to brittle, chipped off nails. This solution fights fungal infections. You should always apply a mix of castor oil, Epsom salt and a few drops of peppermint oil. For the effect, soak fingers into a bowl full of mixture. Certainly, after some time, you would be doing way with jagged edges and would be happy with the solution on how to strengthen your nails.

Aloe Vera & Lemon Juice

A concoction of lemon juice and Aloe Vera acts as a bleaching agent and combats discoloration. While Vitamin C serves as a brightener, water and Vitamin E adds perfection by moisturizing nails. This solution can be considered when you have to take off nail polish and deal with the yellow color. Moreover, you can remove stains and make nails glow.

Grape Seed Oil

Due to its healing and moisturizing properties, Grape seed oil keeps nails tender and locks healthy. As compared to other oils, grape seed oil is synonymous the oil produced by human beings. The condition of dry nails can certainly be restored once you rub Grape seed oil gently. Besides, you would be ruling out the problem of nails getting chipped off.

Coconut Oil

Yes! The goodness of coconut oil works better for damaged nails. You would no longer feel the pain when you’re busy at the workplace or addicted to a nail art. For amazing benefits, soak nails in coconut oil. This is as similar to applying oil all over your body and face.

Other Tips on How to Strengthen Fingernails

Wear Hand Gloves

Whenever you are washing bowls and dishes at the sink, remember to wear gloves. This prevents the nails from getting exposed to detergents. Sheer negligence can make nails brittle and harm them due to dirt and bacteria. Do make this as a habit even when you’re washing clothes.

Avoid Frequent Use

Your nails would in the harm’s way if you’re using them for peeling fruits, opening a box, or picking vegetables.  Instances where you can’t resist pinching / scratching can also make them weak. But, if it’s possible, use to specialized tools to perform tasks. This is the best alternative to forget the natural instinct of using fingernails.

Use Less Nail Polish

Stick to a single shade when you use a nail polish. Besides, never switch to any other remover apart from the one you are using regularly. Keep your hands away from acetone because the chemical makes nails dry and brings in damages.

Use Olive oil

Soak your nails regularly in Olive oil. Initially, you should start off daily for a month but later you can reduce the time span to twice in a week. Not only would you be making nails strong but also enhancing overall growth.

Consume Zinc, Iron & Calcium

Always eat pumpkin seeds, butter, cheese, meat and leafy vegetables. These replenish you with Zinc that reduces white spots. On the other hand, you can also drink milk or eat eggs, soy and beans to fill you up with loads of calcium and proteins. Such substances actually help to strengthen nails and help them grow properly.

Massage Regularly

Just as you relieve body aches through a massage, nail cuticles should be massaged to boost blood circulation and to make nails grow longer. You can either opt for a nail cream or vegetable oil. Finally, you can decide what’s suitable and appropriate.

Last but not the least, rub nails with cotton soaked in lemon juice. Later, wash your hands under a hot water stream and allow them to dry completely. At the end, you would be fascinated to sell the original color on nails.

So, that’s all we have for you. Try these tips before you spend extra at the spa. Feel free to share the list if you have had the best experience with these remedies.

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