How To Do A Standing Bow Pose Yoga Like A Pro?


Standing Bow Pose is also known as the Dandayamana Dhanurasana. Similar to the camel posture, the standing bow posture specifically seems to exist on the Bikram practitioners extremes.

For many of the people, it is considered to be their favorite posture whereas, for the others, it is being their most loathed. In Bikram yoga, this particular posture is the best example of the “tourniquet” effect. It can effectively transfer the circulation from one side of the body to another and finally, it equalizes.

Due to these particular reasons, the standing bow posture is known to be a comprehensive posture. This standing bow pose yoga can also considerably improve both the strength and also flexibility of many of the body muscles.

Important Benefits Of Standing Bow Pulling Pose?

Standing Bow Pull Pose
Standing Bow Pulling Pose
  • This particular yoga pose contributes to stimulating the cardiovascular system.
  • It opens the diaphragm.
  • Along with that, it is also involved in increasing the circulation to the lungs and heart.
  • Also, it opens the shoulder joints.
  • It can again effectively help with the frozen shoulder conditions.
  • Not only have that, but this yoga pose also helps to improve the elasticity of the spine.
  • This particular yoga pose is again proved to be very effective in reducing abdominal fat.
  • It helps to increase both the size and also elasticity of the rib cage along with the lungs and in this way, it helps to improve breathing or respiration. Also, both the strength and flexibility of the lower spine are improved by this.
  • Apart from that, this standing bow pulling pose contributes to improving the strength and also the balance firming the abdominal wall and upper thighs. It also contributes to tighten or tone the buttocks, hips along with the upper arms.
  • It improves balance.
  • This particular yoga pose helps to alleviate constipation, gas, and thereby clears digestion.
  • Along with that, it contributes to flush bladder, kidneys along with the urinary system.
  • It is considered to be great for the prenatal recovery.
  • It also effectively helps with cervical spondylosis.
  • This yoga pose is also proved to be best for the alleviation of the tennis elbow, arthritis, and also carpal tunnel.
  • It contributes to open the shoulder joints and thereby help with the frozen shoulder.
  • It helps in the strengthening of both the knees along with the ankles.
  • Apart from that, it also trims and also strengthens the thighs.
  • Through the compression of the spine, it helps to ease the back pain.
  • It also helps in the stimulation of circulation throughout the body.
  • It contributes to effectively clear the plaque off artery walls.
  • By transferring the body from one side of the body to another, it helps to create the natural irrigation of the circulatory system.

Energetic Benefits Of Standing Bow Pulling Pose

  • This yoga pose helps in the development of patience and determination.
  • Along with that, it also helps to resolve the fear of betrayal along with the specific issues related to self-worth.
  • It is also proved to be much effective in releasing shame and also abandonment.

Tips For Standing Bow Pulling Pose

  • In this regard, you need to grab the ankle joint and thereby keeping a very good strong grip by using all the five fingers.
  • You can again start with your knees together.
  • Continuously raise the arm up to and also stretch it up toward the ceiling.
  • Again, make sure to keep your knee locked.
  • You should also charge your body forward.
  • As you kick, you can feel your spine arching backward.
  • You should always keep imagining by seeing your foot coming over the top of your head more and more.

Focusing On The Set-Up

The key to this particular yoga posture is to effectively keep your knees together in the first part. You will sometimes feel the stretch along with the discomfort if you have a hip flexor and tight back. This appears whenever you start kicking your leg out.

As you specifically move through the posture, it will help you in the proper maintenance of the alignment. Commonly, the people let their foot along with the knee to swing left or right for the purpose of kicking their leg at a higher position. So, it effectively makes your posture look cooler, and to gain maximum benefits, you need to keep your knee, hip, and also ankle aligned.

Relaxing The Hand Which Holds Your Foot

For the purpose of executing this particular posture, it becomes very important for you to use your strong fingertips. In this regard, the actual palm of your hand should always remain relaxed.

This sort of shift in thinking will generally help you to focus on the kicking of this particular posture rather than “holding on” to your foot. Your foot will again stay in your hand by the pressure which mainly comes from the kicking.

Engaging The Quad Of Your Standing Leg

In order to protect your knee, you should feel that this particular posture mostly in your legs, the stretching along with your hamstrings, and also in your quadriceps should be fully engaged. So, this sort of engagement of the thigh is proved to be very helpful to tone your legs and thereby protecting your hamstrings as they stretch while leaning forward.

Consider Deep Inhaling Before Kicking Your Leg

In Hatha yoga, this kind of set up is known to be very much important. This specifically includes the way in which we breathe. You will find it much easier to properly maintain the posture and thereby withstanding the increase in your heart rate in case you take a large breath before kicking your legs.

Staying In The Posture Longer Than You Want To

You need to try to stay in longer than you exactly want as it is considered to be acceptable to “fall out” of the posture. This mainly takes some sorts of focused breath work and you are again allowed to stay in the posture.

So, it requires a lot of mental perseverance. For this, you should try a little positive self-talk whenever you are setting up the posture. In this way, you can encourage yourself to breathe.

As a result, you can effectively focus and stay in this particular posture. Allowing yourself to remain in this Standing Bow pose for a bit longer can help you lose weight, increase your cardio stamina, and also quickly advance in this specific posture.

Flexing Your Forward Arm

The arm which mainly reaches forward while performing this particular posture should be engaged and also taught. Thereby, this will effectively help to create a counterforce to your kicking leg.

Along with that, it will also prove to be effective to tone your shoulders, arms, and thereby, it helps to engage your core. This posture will be made much easier by having a tight arm and also an engaged abdomen.

Final Words

Simply, the Standing Bow Pose along with other Hatha yoga postures requires a lot of practice. Once you are there, you can mainly show up to class as much as you can and also work hard. In this particular way, you can attain benefits from this (standing bow pulling pose) particular yoga posture in the spiritual, mental, and also physical form.

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