Spiritual Awakening Symptoms And Stages

Spiritual Awakening

Before knowing about the symptoms as well as stages of spiritual awakening, one needs to be aware of what is a spiritual awakening.

Spiritual awakenings are considered as such a thing which helps to initiate us into the perfect realm of the spirit as well as a soul that we have been particularly disconnected from very long. It can be realized only after analyzing spiritual awakening symptoms.

We are born in such a society which currently values the overall material growth over anything else. This is the reason why only a few of us are well aware of the mystical way of life. Everything which we do in our life i.e. dresses, plan, talk and work are totally based on assumptions.

These particular assumptions are only based on the physical external reality. This is the reason why our lives are becoming vacuous as well as shallow. We may become much successful, respected, rich, famous or even loved in our life but none of these things possess the ability to fill the particular void of soullessness which is present within us.

But, also there are some important moments in our lives where we can preferably sense a kind of immense empty chasm within us. Sometimes, we may particular ignore its mournful calls and so, in that case, we try to fill it with superficial excitements as well as material comforts but we are unable to escape it.

Here is a brief discussion about the major signs of spiritual awakening which one should be well aware of. Other than that, in this section, you will also get to know about the major spiritual awakening stages.

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

There are preferably many of the symptoms of the spiritual awakening which are needed to be known well. The first thing which is mainly experienced by the people is that they feel lost as well as deeply alone.

The person may feel very much suffocated and also alienated with the loneliness which results in the development of chronic anxiety as well as depression that usually lasts for long. Spiritual awakening is generally considered to be the cry of the soul for the freedom.

Physical Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening

The physical symptoms of the spiritual awakening usually differ for each and every one. Here are given some of the common symptoms which are experienced.

  • Amplification of sense such as your hearing, sight, touch, and taste as well as smell becomes intensifies. As a result, you will end up discovering yourself an HSP or Highly Sensitive Person.
  • Vivid dreams in which the dreams becomes intense, bizarre or scary.
  • Changed sleeping patterns i.e. you experience more disrupted sleep leading to insomnia. Sometimes, you also may sleep more.
  • Food intolerance which you have never seemed before like allergies to nuts, wheat, soy, legumes, and spices.
  • Increased or decreased sex drive.
  • Fluctuations in the energy levels leading to the feeling of less energized than before.
  • Change in eating habits.
  • Weight change in which either you lose or gain a lot of weight.
  • Dizziness which means a usual feeling of the lightheaded which is mainly caused as a result of being grounded during the entire day.
  • Decrease immune functioning leading to more illness.

Emotional And Mental Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening

These symptoms are common in a majority of the people who have experienced spiritual awakenings.

  • You feel that your life is entirely false.
  • You feel completely alone as well as lost.
  • You crave for purpose and also meaning.
  • You realize the fact that what you have been taught in your life is a complete lie.
  • You see how unhappy most of the people are.
  • You perfectly see through the illusions of the society.
  • You desire to be alone.
  • You begin experiencing compassion as well as deep empathy.
  • You generally want to quit your job.
  • Conversations seem to be shallow.
  • You particularly become aware of your old and negative habits.
  • Your thirst for truth as well as authenticity.
  • You want to make this world a better place.
  • You experience depression as well as anxiety.
  • More synchronicity.
  • You intuition is much heightened.
  • You deeply want to know and understand WHO you are.
  • You start to love unconditionally.
  • You feel more curiosity as well as wonder.
  • You see that we all are One.

Important Stages Of Spiritual Awakening

There are mainly five important stages of spiritual awakening. Here is a brief discussion about these particular stages:

Stage 1: The Change

In this stage, you preferably become much more aware of the sensitivities. This is considered to the first stage of the spiritual awakening where one starts to observe the changing energy in their surrounding i.e. they have just opened their eyes.

Stage 2: The Shift

The more you observe this thing; you particularly end up changing your daily behavior i.e. In the second stage, you become much more conscious of your energy. You will observe a shift in your personality i.e. you want to be a better person.

Stage 3: The Search

In this stage, your soul preferably starts to become rumble with hunger. You preferably seek out spiritual enlightenment and also crave for soul-satisfying information.

Stage 4: The Desire

In this particular stage, you usually start to distract yourself with alcohol, material items as well as parties which seems to be disappearing overnight. Also, at this time, you become much more inclined to go in nature and also spend time reading, writing, meditating as well as doing yoga.

Stage 5: The Opening

At the stage, when you open up you particularly start to accept what you are and also why you are there. You also become open in terms of welcoming more changes in your life.

Thus, these are some of the most important spiritual awakening symptoms as well as stages which one should be aware of.

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