Shunya Mudra Steps and Health Benefits

Shunya Mudra Steps and Benefits

There are various types of yogic mudras (Asanas) in Indian mythology. All these are extremely popular and old. Most them are said to be based on some or the other form of a story which includes the immense historic importance. These yogas were very famous during an old time, where it was considered as a part of their daily routine.

They used to practice this yogic mudras regularly to get rid of various health issues. But with time these mudras lost their meaning and importance. People became busy in their day to day life and thus tend to get away  with the age-old and traditional means. But slowly stress lead their life and of course to get a long term and sustainable means to your well – being and health you cannot depend on allopathic medication. So that when these hand gestures or mudras came into the scene.

Thus, we decide to introduce you all with one of the most ancient but still effective yogic mudras which is known as “Shunya Mudra”. This article will discuss about shunya mudra and its health benefits.

The Meaning of Shunya Mudra

We will be discussing shunya mudra and its benefits which are also known as heaven mudra. There is also a story attached as to why shunya mudra is also called as heaven mudra. This mudra is a practitioner of Anahata sounds. These sounds are not as regular sounds. This can only be heard by the yogis who follow meditation for a long time. Thus, at this stage, you will be able to understand the level of tranquillity. This mudra can take the practitioner to the next level where the person feels that they are on a different planet or outside world. Thus, this mudra is called as a way to adjust eternal bliss.

Performing  Shunya Mudra – Step by Step Guide

How to Practice Shunya Mudra
How to Do Shunya Mudra
  1. You will have to sit in a comfortable half lotus position. You can also sit on a carpet or a light mat. Many experts have recommended not to sit on the floor directly. This is because it is said that there are some radiations from the floor, which might not be good while performing any form of mudra or yoga.

You can also sit with your eyes closed or open completely, but closed eyes might help concentrate better.

  1. Now bend the middle finger and it should press the ball of the thumb.
  2. Now press the middle finger carefully with the thumb
  3. Ensure that all other fingers are extended slowly
  4. Now repeat the same with both the hands.

Other Ways of Practicing Shunya Mudra

The maximum stress is given to your middle finger in this technique. You point your finger towards the sky, which means the heaven.

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Benefits of Shunya Mudra

There are plenty of health benefits of shunya mudra and only a few are listed below.

  1. It is believed that it can cure hearing issues. Shunya Mudra is a very famous remedy for curing hearing disorders.
  2. It also helps to overcome vertigo and travel sickness
  3. Cures thyroids
  4. Can cure genetic disorders of hearing
  5. Effectively cured body numbness
  6. Also, helps eternal elements

When to Perform Shunya Mudra?

Shunya Mudra can be performed any time of the day and as many times you wish. Fitness experts say that this mudra can perform three times a day, also they suggest you practice on the same timing to maintain consistency.

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