Sattvic Diet Guide For Yogis

Sattvic Diet for Yogis

Day after day, we all know what foodstuffs can keep us healthy or make us feel lethargic. But, once you start experiencing the impact on your mind as well as the body, you might think about changing the diet.

Based on the Ayurvedic principles, a Sattvic diet is essential for those who are conscious about their health. While the name is derived from Sanskrit, Sattva is considered to be one of the three Gunas. In many contexts, the Sanskrit word denotes ‘vitality, energy, purity, strength, courage, and honesty’. Basically, a sattvic diet constitutes of vegetarian foods and nothing else. Apart from nourishing the body, the diet sharpens the mind and makes it much more active.

What is Sattvik Diet Food?

Sattvic Diet for YogisSattvic food comprises of everything that is free from chemical preservatives and artificial colors. Once you start following the diet, canned food is never considered even if they are prepared from milk and fruits. So, as you scroll ahead, you could go through food items that can help you balance the mind and the body.


Known as clarified butter, Ghee is sweet in its taste but heavy. If you are eating rice mixed with ghee and soma juice, then it is actually beneficial for your health.

Due to different Ayurvedic elements, the property of ghee will completely depend on how it has been sourced. But, it is always recommended to take ghee that’s procured from cow’s milk. Since ghee can be obtained through a process that takes around 30 minutes, you would not find it tough to incorporate ghee in your diet plan.

Sprouted Whole Grains

According to the ancient tradition, it is quite important to include grains in every meal. While sprouted grains offer nourishment to the entire body, they symbolize happiness, health, and prosperity.

Among the grains, you can add oatmeal, Spelt, Barley and sprouted rice. Even though you have a variety of options for your meal, you should always avoid eating leavened bread.

Fresh Organic Fruit

Most of the time, fresh organic fruits can always help you lead a healthy lifestyle. But you should remember that you should never eat Avocados and tomatoes in excess.

To be on the safer side, you can nibble on apples, bananas, berries, melons, grapes, peaches, oranges, and plums. While these symbolize spirituality and generosity, fruits are believed to enhance the individual’s charisma.


Even though honey has been in the list of natural sweeteners, the viscous liquid can be included in the diet. As you use honey moderately, you can think of adding it to fruit juices, brown rice syrup, sucanat, sugarcane juice and maple syrup. In case honey is not available at the market, then you should never think about adding processed white sugar to the refreshing drinks.

Organic Vegetables

There’s no problem if you eat any vegetable when you are on a sattvic diet. But, you may be in a tough situation, if you are cooking the vegetables with onions and garlic. Besides, vegetables with potatoes, mushrooms, and hot pepper should never be included in the diet. Whenever you are having your meal, you should eat celery, carrots, cucumbers, leafy vegetables, potatoes and beetroot.

Oil, Seeds, and Nuts

Soaked nuts and seeds are always ideal for a Sattvic diet. But, before keeping them under water, it is necessary to source fresh and pure nuts or seeds. In case you have roasted the nuts more than the usual time, then they tend to lose the Sattvic properties. As you proceed with the diet, you can enjoy eating pine nuts, sesame seeds, walnuts, Almonds, and flaxseeds.

As far as oils are concerned, you can use coconut oil, sesame oil, and ghee when you are cooking cuisines.


Legumes can also be a part of the diet if they are easily available in the market. You can always think about recipes with lentils, split peas, and mung beans because they are easier to digest.

In case you want to enjoy something different, then you can try organic tofu, chickpeas, and aduki beans. For nourishing the body with extra protein, you can think about whole grains with legumes.

Herbal Tea

Warm water with a little quantity of lemon juice can certainly help when you are considering a sattvic diet for weight loss. Alternatively, you can think about taking green tea which contains a number of antioxidants.


In conjunction with meditation, herbs also help to promote mental strength. While Ashwagandha is used to fight away stress and fatigue, Bacopa can help in reducing anxiety. Regular intake of Gotu kola would also help you to attain a peace of mind while you are meditating. On the other hand, Tulsi can help to maintain the balance within the body.

Food You Shouldn’t Eat When You Are Following a Yogic Diet

Foods to Avoid on Sattvic Diet

If you love eating meat, fish, and eggs then you should stop eating them immediately.
Moreover, you should keep yourself away from spicy foods, onions garlic, and white sugar. Food heated in the microwave should also be kept away when you are following the diet.

Bad habits like drinking alcohol or chewing tobacco should be kept under control when you are seeking to stay healthy.

Finally, in order to improve mental as well as physical strength, you can perform asanas, practice meditation, and Pranayama. As time passes by, you should be sincere and honest in following the sattvic diet plan.

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