The 10 Red Flags You Are Suffering from Marijuana Addiction

Do you think you have a marijuana addiction problem? Or someone you know has marijuana addiction? There are numerous ways you can tell whether you are addicted to the drug or not. And the fact that you are probably debating whether you are addicted to marijuana or not show that you probably are. From there on, it might be wise to seek Marijuana Addiction Treatment before the issue gets out of hand.

Marijuana use is slowly becoming more and more socially acceptable throughout the world. This is mainly due to its legalization both in the medical and recreational fields. However, even though the use of marijuana has become more socially acceptable, controlling how we use it is still a huge problem and affects many people. Most of the time, the addiction gets to be so bad that by the time the user or user’s family take action to opt for Marijuana Addiction Treatment centers and programs, the damage may have already been done.

Marijuana, unlike many other illicit drugs, is not physically abusive. But still, that does not exempt you from being a marijuana addict and suffer from its many negative consequences when used or abused.

10 Red Flags that Show you are Suffering from Marijuana Addiction

Constant Craving for Marijuana

This is, perhaps, the most obvious sign of all the other signs that you notice. The moment you realize that you are always craving for marijuana especially when not using it should be a giveaway sign. And that you need to check in at a Marijuana Addiction Treatment facility right away. In most instances, you find yourself fixated on how you will get your next blunt or other marijuana substance and when you will use it next.

The moment you realize that you even start planning your days around times for ‘marijuana breaks,’ know that you are already in too deep. Most of the time, you find yourself thinking of the next time you will be able to escape your duties and responsibilities and use the drug.

Increased Tolerance

As you continue to use marijuana, you find that you start craving for and using more of it to achieve the same physical high. You find that you the smaller quantities of the drug that could get you super-high in the past just no longer work for you. And you find that you need even more amounts of the drug to get or feel satisfied. This is called tolerance building and is another common sign of marijuana addiction.

Inability to Stop Using

The inability to abstain from using marijuana is also another common sign that you are an addict. If you realize that you struggle a lot to save any amounts of money, and in most instances, end up looking to buy the drug, you are an addict. You find yourself struggling to quit using the drug despite your great desire to do so. The moment you realize that, despite your great motivation to stop using the drug, quitting the drug is extremely difficult, you should look into checking to Marijuana Addiction Treatment immediately.

Masking Emotions and Denying the Problem

All addicts never want to acknowledge that they are addicted to the substances they abuse. Marijuana is no different. But the moment you find yourself smoking pot to relax or cover up some negative emotions like sadness or hate, you already depend on the drug for something.

How you use marijuana matters a lot and is where all the troubles start. So, if you are using the drug to cover up any emotions or escape from something, then you are likely an addict.

Getting High too often

If a majority of your time is always on using the drug, you are definitely an addict. The amount of time you spend using the drug is always a clear sign on whether you are an addict or not. So, if you are always looking to squeeze even the small amounts of time between activities to get high, you are likely addicted.

Lack of Responsibility

As mentioned earlier, marijuana can take control of your life and easily zombify you if you are not too careful. By this, we mean stopping in between your daily activities to use the drug even if you do not have the time to do so. You also realize your lack of productivity at work, home, or even in school is also another giveaway that you are an addict. To check if this is the case, simply pay attention to how you attend your regular activities. And how they have been affected by the drug.

Getting High Despite the known consequences

Whenever you abuse any drugs, you realize that there are always consequences that come with it. But if you find yourself continuously using the drug despite the consequences it poses in your life, then you are likely a slave to the drug. Most marijuana addicts find themselves doing all kinds of things that they would have, otherwise, not done. Like taking the drug despite knowing that it is harmful to your health and life.

Marijuana Withdrawal

If you also find yourself fighting marijuana withdrawal whenever you try to quit, you should know that something isn’t right. Some common marijuana withdrawal symptoms include difficulty sleeping, increased anxiety, headaches, body aches, and irritability. Most of these withdrawal symptoms are usually enough to force you into using the drug again.

Loss of Control over the Drug use

You may have realized that each time you try to cut back on using the drug or even promise yourself or someone else that you want to quit, you only end up using the drug again. Going against your intentions of not using the drug each time you intend to is a clear sign that you are addicted. Losing all control over how and when you use the drug is a dead giveaway sign that you need to get Marijuana Addiction Treatment, and soon.

Choosing friends based on their drug activity

It can also get to the point where you choose your friends or people you hang out with based on their drug activity. Specifically, whether they smoke pot or not. This is the period where you also spend less time with your friends that do not use the drug. Here is where the real damage starts as you egg each other into using more of the drug.

Final thoughts

It is not always easy coming back from an addiction, especially if it has deeply rooted itself in your subconscious mind. But that does not mean that you cannot live a normal life once more. The first step you can take is to acknowledge that you have a marijuana addiction problem when you notice any of the signs above. Next, look for a good Marijuana Addiction Treatment program to help you get through your addiction problem.

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