Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Nose Piercing

Questions and Answers About Nose Piercing

The art of nose piercing brings with it a lot of questions. In this article, we have answered the most vital and common ones among them.

So, let’s discuss most frequently asked questions and answers about Nose piercing.

Nose Piercing FAQs

Q1 – What are the Different Types of Nose Piercing?

Here are the most commonly used types of nose piercings:

  • High nostril piercing
  • Nostril piercing
  • Septum piercing
  • Bridge piercing
  • Nasallang piercing
  • Septril piercing
  • Vertical tip piercing

Q2 – Is Nose Piercing a Painful Process?

The intensity of pain depends significantly on the pierced location and also your ability to tolerate pain. The most painful nose piercing type is septril piercing. You should stay away from this particular type if you are not very good at handling pain.

Q3 – How to Manage the Pain Caused by Nose Piercing?

You will feel the pain for some time even after the actual piercing process is over. You might have an achy nose for several days (it might even take one or two weeks to subside).

If you find it difficult to bear the pain, don’t hesitate to take a dose of ibuprofen. Applying warm compresses might also help. This would result in some draining and cause significant relief for you. Some people are also benefited significantly by applying cold packs on the piercing site; however, don’t commit the mistake of putting ice directly on the pierced area.

Q4 – How Long Does a Nose Piercing Take to Heal?

This might sound a bit surprising to you but any kind of body piercing including nose piercing takes at least six months to fully heal. We have also come across people who need to wait for a year or even longer for their nose piercing to heal completely.

According to experts, piercings usually heal following a peak n valley pattern. There will be times when they would appear to be fully healed but soon you may see the area getting sore and red.

Q5 – How Long Should I Wear the Initial Jewelry?

Ideally, you should keep wearing the initial jewelry for at least a couple of months. During this phase, you might experience a whitish or clear drainage and there might also be slight redness and swelling. These signs are normal and usually indicate that the healing process is underway.

You might have the healing signs even after the first two months; under such circumstances, you should continue wearing the initial jewelry until the signs subside. Here, it must be noted that for the healing process to continue smoothly, you must follow an aftercare routine consisted of glycerin soap washes and sea salt soaks diligently.

Q6 – Will I Face Difficulty When Changing or Removing the Initial Jewelry?

Yes, you will face some problems when changing out the jewelry for the first time and it’s normal. We would advise you to get the first change done by an expert; this will reduce the chances of facing problems considerably.

Q7 – How will I Know that My Piercing is not Healing Properly?

The following are indicators that your nose piercing is not healing properly and you need to visit a doctor:

  • A green, yellow, or bloody drainage from the outside of your nose
  • Swelling, tenderness, and pain, which get worse with time
  • Red streaks or marks radiating out from your piercing
  • A fever without any cold n flu symptoms
  • Tender and/or swollen lymph glands

Q8 – How Can I Get Rid of Nose Piercing Scar?

Nose piercing scar usually takes years to go away naturally. This often leaves people impatient and they undergo various kinds of chemical-based treatments to get rid of the scar quickly. We would advise you to stay away from such treatments are use natural ingredients such as baking soda, honey, apple cider vinegar etc to eliminate nose piercing scar at home.

Q9 – When Can I Begin Stretching the Nose Piercing?

The time you would need to wait for stretching your piercing depends primarily on the type of piercing you have had. Here’s a more detailed list:

  • If it’s a septum piercing, you will need to wait for 16 to 24 weeks before stretching it
  • In case of bridge piercings, the ideal waiting time should be 24 to 36 weeks
  • For a nasallang piercing or nostril piercing, you will have to wait for 12 to 18 weeks for stretching the pierced area
  • A rhino piercings would make you wait for around 18 to 27 weeks

Q10 – My Workplace Doesn’t Allow me to Sport a Pierced Nose? Is there any way to Hide it?

You will be able to hide your pierced nose easily by using a clear septum retainer, nose screw, or nose bone. Make sure that the piece is of right size; ideally, it should only be big enough to cover the aperture on your nose.

The questions and answers about nose piercing discussed above must have cleared confusions you may have had about the nose piercing process. Don’t forget to share this information with others on social media.

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