Nipple Piercing Considerations For Women Only

Nipple Piercing Considerations For Women

Everyone states his or her opinion about nipple piercing. But, the trend gaining popularity, it’s difficult to seek the answer for your questions. So, with this mind, here are some Nipple Piercing Considerations for women you must go through.

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10 Nipple Piercing Considerations For Women Only

Nipple Piercing Does Hurt

Even if you are capable to tolerate the pain, the piercing can puncture the skin and cause some discomfort. But, depending on the level, the pain may take you off to a pretty uncomfortable experience. Don’t think much because the pain is never going to linger for a long time. Try not to pierce the nipples on your own. Rather, seek help from the professional for changing or removing the jewelry piece.

Beware of Knitted Sweaters

If you don’t prefer wearing a bra, you shouldn’t think about a sweater that entangles the piece. Once the year passes by, it’s a good idea to wear a bra at night. If you tend to rip out nipple piercing, then you should clean the area immediately and try to keep the jewelry piece in its place.

Take Care of the Hygiene

At any point in time, you should always keep the piercing clean. You could either soak the area in sea salt solution or a saline solution you prepared earlier. If you are a workaholic, then sparing some time to clean the nipples would reduce the skin infection.

For enhancing the nipple piercing healing process, you should sleep well and follow a healthy diet. This in turn helps to boost the immune system and lets the area heal within nine months or so.

Cleaning is Important

In case your nipples are pierced a few days back, then you should always clean the area thoroughly. While it’s acceptable to use an antibacterial soap, harsh chemicals should never be thought about. Moreover, you may face problems when you clean the area more than the usual extent.

Before moving on with the cleaning task, you should first wash your hands, use a cotton swab soaked in warm water, and wipe the nipples gently.

As soon as you finish off, you should wipe the area dry for removing traces of the cleaning solution.

Be Careful When You’re Pregnant

If you become pregnant after the nipples are pierced, then it’s advisable to remove the jewelry. You may be at a risk of infection if your immune system doesn’t function or if a change in the hormones is observed. On the other hand, if your breasts are swollen with milk, then this might result into damage to the duct and low milk supply.

In case you don’t wish to lose the piercings, you should always think of wearing a piercing retainer instead of metal barbells.

A Longer Healing Time

Due to the changes in the hormones, the piercing may heal with great difficulty and take some more time. Problems may occur if the aftercare instructions are not followed properly. Body fluids can also enhance the infection and lead to a serious condition. So, whenever you are having oral sex, you should always use gloves and condoms during the intercourse.

Kind of Metal

Titanium is usually considered to be the best metal when you’re planning to purchase nipple piercings. Obviously, platinum or gold can also be great, but then you should be ready to splurge.

In case you come across stainless steel pieces doped with nickel, then it could cause allergic reactions. A high-quality titanium barbell can cost up to 50 to 60 dollars. But, if the trinket is made from gold, then you may not afford it due to the high price tag.

Type of Nipples that can be Pierced

Every type of nipple can certainly be pierced. But, piercing an inverted nipple can place you into an embarrassing situation once the bump becomes prominent. It’s easy to pierce small nipples if you have sought smaller barbells.

The Most Common Follow-up

Once the nipples are pierced, they might seem swollen for some time. You later need to insert a longer post until the swelling reduces. If nothing works out, then you need to go to the parlor and check the area and several other issues.

Best & Worst Cases

Any piercing is bound to leave behind a mark. But, if you aren’t allergic to any metal, then people would never notice the scar. However, you might have to go through a surgery for complications that cause hypertrophic scarring or keloids.

According to piercers, every type of piercing has some or the other consequences or repercussions. The risks may hinder breastfeeding and lead to something abnormal.

Finally, piercing your nipples may or may not make the nipples sensitive. A noticeable difference may engulf you with fear and compel you to approach the doctor. Hope these nipple piercing considerations for women helps you in making the right decision.

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