Masturbation Side Effects For Men And Women

Masturbation Side Effects For Men And Women

You might be aware of the fact that masturbation is healthy. This is because it is a great way to alleviate stress and drive away anxiety. Besides, it also boosts the functioning of the immune system and aids in increasing the level of endorphin. But, there any side effects in case the person is masturbating quite frequently. So, let’s take a look at how the activity can affect men and women.

Masturbation Side Effects Observed in Men

Men Masturbation Side EffectsMakes it Tough to Reach the Climax

In case you are stimulating the genitals before going for a date or indulging in sex, then you might have to struggle to reach the climax. Instead, you should give some time for the penis to get recharged once again. Eventually, your mind would be preoccupied with the habit and you would never react instantly.

Reduces Firmness

If the individual is indulging in the in the activity frequently, then the penis might lose firmness. However, a spongy penis may not imply that it would have an impact on erections in the future. Swelling around the genitals is yet another side effect of masturbation.

Brings about Guilt

A person might feel ashamed or guilty going to the negative impact of masturbation. He may not be able to cope up with religious cultural or moral issues once he is addicted. A mental warfare might make it tough to decide on what he should follow and refrain from doing. The guilt inside his heart might decrease the confidence, and self-esteem.

Loss of Masculinity

Frequent masturbation actually leads to excessive production of the male hormone, testosterone. This, in turn, results into pain around the testicles, and many disorders. If these symptoms persist, then it’s better to divert the attention when you feel like stimulating the penis. It’s better to get in touch with the doctor only if it is necessary.

Loss of Appetite

Stimulating the sex organs can make you feel weak because the testosterone would not be working towards enhancing muscular strength. The desire to eat may disappear even when you know that you have to consume nutrient-rich foodstuffs.

Neurological Concerns

Problems associated with the nervous system may arise due to excessive masturbation. As you grow older, you might lose the capability of concentrating on tasks and remembering things. The situation can become serious in case the habit dominates the mind of an aged individual.

Affects Sex Drive

Apart from premature ejaculation, the activity can affect the sex drive considerably. You might fail to seek pleasure when you are closer to your mate.

Makes you Feel Sleepy

Even if you have found the best way to relieve yourself from tension, masturbation can impact the mind. This may occur due to excess dopamine that’s released in the brain.

Now, let’s look at the side effects of masturbation in case of women.

Women Masturbation Side Effects and Benefits

Women Masturbation Side EffectsWhenever a woman stimulates her vagina with the help of her fingers or a vibrator, then she might feel embarrassed sometime later. But, there are hardly any side effects observed in ladies. Rather, the individual can always feel better with persistent stimulation of the vaginal opening.

Masturbation can enhance as well as improve sexuality. As it stirs up the excitement deep from the heart, the woman actually feels much more confident. She would accept her partner and be ready for those moments that are yet to follow.

Once the lady can’t stay away from the habit, she would be able to relieve herself from abdominal pain. She may no longer experience cramps during menstruation. Some women also state that masturbation helps to improve the sleep quality. But, this is not something that you should believe. It’s better to try and experience everything on your own.

With the release of endorphins, masturbation can certainly improve the mood and make the person feel happy. Apart from serving as a stress reliever, the activity can enhance the blood circulation across the body.

Way different as it is in men, masturbation can actually help to instill the desire quickly. Since they are comfortable to keep pacing ahead with the habit, they won’t have to wait for the climax. The experience would be enjoyable and much better than they had imagined.

What About Masturbating During Pregnancy?

It’s completely safe if the lady is masturbating when she is pregnant. As the pleasure is sought, she would be happy to release the sexual tension. But, before or after an orgasm, the lady might experience mild Braxton-Hicks contractions. These cramps don’t last for a long time but fade away in short while.

In case the contractions occur frequently and lead to pain, then the lady should never delay in contacting the doctor.

On the contrary, masturbation may not be safe when the fetus is completely developed. The stimulation is bound to bring in side effects and enhance the chances of premature delivery.

A Few Questions Answered

Does Masturbation Cause Cancer?

A sexual intercourse may bring in the risk of prostate cancer. But, masturbation can surely lead to prostate cancer. The condition may become prevalent in men whose age is more than 20 years but less than 30 years.

Does Masturbation Cause Blindness?

Masturbation actually doesn’t cause a long term effect. If you are wondering that the activity might lead to blindness, then it’s just a myth. There are no evidences to prove the fact of losing eyesight.

Does Masturbation Cause Weight Loss?

Though there’s a loss of appetite, masturbation doesn’t cause weight loss. The fluid content in the body is always maintained as it’s produced continuously.

Does Masturbation Cause Hair Loss?

Ejaculation increases the chances of converting testosterone into DHT. This affects the hair follicles as well as the roots and causes hair loss. However, the side effect is not associated with female masturbation.

Do engage yourself into a sport in case you can’t control masturbation. There are many interesting things around you from which pleasure could be sought. These would keep your mind active and help you pave the way for a better tomorrow. We have even prepared a detailed information on how to stop a masturbating addiction, here you will find several ways through which you can get rid if the fapping habit easily.

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