Masturbation Addiction – Ways To Stop Fapping Habit In Men And Women

Masturbation Addiction

Want to get rid of masturbation addiction? Read on to know how to stop fapping habit in men and women both.

For many youngsters, masturbation might always be fine whenever the genitals are stimulated once or twice during the day. Although the frequency might vary from person to person, there’s no harm if the individual masturbates three to seven times during the week. But, as the age increases, the activity might become an obsession some time or the other.

Many people might perceive the activity to be good for health. It actually aids to relieve the person from stress and release sexual tensions. But, the truth is that when the individual is addicted to masturbation, he would have to go through a lot of pain mentally and physically.

According to researchers, excessive masturbation can cause lesions and swelling of the genitals in both men and women.

So, let’s first understand when masturbation can impact the mind and body. As you scroll ahead, you can also go through some ways to stop masturbation. The ways that we have compiled below are safe for men as well as women.

Is Masturbation Addictive?

If the person is experiencing stress or is suffering from a mental problem, then he or she is likely to get addicted to masturbation. While the stimulation might be considered as a part of a healthy person’s sexuality, any behaviour above normal can be problematic. If you are masturbating several times during the day, then you might need more stress-relieving chemicals, Dopamin and endorphins.

Besides, as time passes by, the body would need more chemicals instilling the instinct to masturbate quite often.

Signs that Indicate that you are Addicted

Masturbation Addiction Signs

If masturbation distracts you in your daily routine, then it surely affects the daily life. So, after some time, you need to check for some symptoms such as;

  • Feelings may be aroused if you are always seeking to watch pornography.
  • If you are ashamed of masturbation, then there’s definitely something wrong with you.
  • In case you are finding it tough to maintain a relationship, then it’s because of the masturbation habit.
  • The addiction might increase when nobody is around you. You may follow the habit at public places, whenever you’re at work or at your relative’s place.
  • Depression or feeling frustrated can also be one of the signs to show that you are addicted. So, whatever might be the case, you should always engage in an activity.
  • Masturbation can dominate your mind if you are finding it tough to spend n enjoyable time with your family and companions. You may also be disturbed in case you can’t seek pleasure in the activities you had enjoyed before.

How to Stop a Masturbating Addiction?

How to Stop a Masturbating AddictionThere are numerous ways in which you can control the desire for masturbation. Below mentioned tips worked for thousands when it comes to stop fapping in men and women.

Think About Good Habits

If you take interest in the world around you, then it can certainly help you to quit excessive masturbation. For diverting your mind elsewhere, you can find a new hobby. Moreover, you can visit the gym for workouts or spend time in swimming at the clubhouse.

Engage Into Sports

Whenever you don’t have any task to complete, it’s always a good idea to engage in sports. Sports like football or cricket is something you need to take up especially on weekends. Such kind of sports would not only keep you healthy but also make you feel fresh and energetic.

Avoid Being Lonely

Whenever your mind is still, it’s actually a devil’s workshop. This means that your mind might get occupied with something that nobody can figure out. You then tend to masturbate simply to pass away your time.

Sleep Early

Falling asleep well before time is a great way to stop masturbation. As per a research, people who sleep late have the habit to watch porn or read intimate comics on the smartphone. This, in the end, turns them on even when there’s nobody besides them. Rather sneaking into your bed and doing something strange, you could listen to soothing music. This would certainly help to keep you at peace and improve the sleep quality.

Get Rid of Porn Videos

In order to ward off the thought, you need to delete porn videos from your computer. This is actually the most effective way if you are wondering on how to quit masturbating.

Grow Spiritually

There are many options that can make you feel better. So, if you are wondering as to how to get rid of the masturbation habit, you can practice meditation early in the morning. For those who need to rush to the office, it’s better to meditate before going to bed.

While you are meditating, you should focus on things other than masturbation. It could either be those good times you had spent with your family or imagining that you are passing time near the seashore.

Speak to Your Mind

When you start speaking to your mind, it helps to stop masturbation. You actually increase your mental strength when you are about to do something unhealthy.

Keep your Hand Busy

Always keep yourself busy and hands away from the genitals. As soon as the feeling disturbs you, you can move on with playing a video game. While you have a holiday, you can help someone with the household chores or be active with gardening. This is certainly a great tip if you are wondering on how to get rid of masturbation habit.

Throw Toys Away

If you are serious and wish to increase your willpower, you can throw the toys that arouse you. It might be tough to throw away expensive toys. But, once they are in to waste bin, they would not be within your reach. You would be happy because you won’t think that these toys are a part of your life.

Spend Less Time Bathing

If bathing is going to increase the urge for masturbation, then spending less time inside the bathroom would help. You may prefer to relax inside a bathtub, but make sure that you are there inside for some minutes.

Whatever you plan and think about ways on how to stop fapping, you should follow it with utmost sincerity. For increasing the energy, you can consume vegetables and fruits from time to time. Think about eating watermelon or munching on an apple anytime during the day. When it comes to vegetables, sweet potatoes and spinach should be among your choices.

In brief, masturbation addiction at some level of age starts affecting your well-being and thus it would be a good idea to get rid of this as soon as possible with above mentioned simple tips.

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