5 Major Health Benefits of Lion’s Mane

Health Benefits of Lion Mane Extract

Anyone who uses a lion’s mane mushroom powder derives numerous benefits from this particular mushroom product. If you are wondering what lion’s mane extract is and what benefits you can get from it, then read along.

Lion’s mane extract is a type of extract derived from a species of the mushroom plant, Hericium Erinaceus. This species is native to Europe, North America and Asia as well. So what benefits can you get from using products from this extract?

Five Health Benefits of Lion’s Mane Extract

1) Guards Against Mild Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety

Are you worried that your work schedule or events around you are deteriorating your mental health? Do you feel depression and anxiety crippling in? If you have given a yes to both these questions, then the lion’s mane extract may offer a solution. 

Depression and anxiety are caused by a myriad of things; however, chronic inflammation is among the leading causes. New research has revealed that the lion’s mane extract contains elements that prevent chronic inflammation. 

With this in mind, it means that the regular intake of products that contain a lion’s mane extract can contribute positively to flourishing mental health. A significant step in overcoming mild symptoms of depression and anxiety is taking an anti-inflammatory like lion’s mane extract.

2) Prevention Against Stomach Ulcers

Did you know ulcers can form anywhere along the human tract lining? Either of the following two things happening causes this condition. 

  1. Growth of Hy.pylori 
  2. Damage to the mucous lining of the human tract. 

Whichever of the two causes your ulcers, it is necessary that the ulcers be addressed urgently once diagnosed. Regular ulcer’s drugs work well, but recent research has shown how excellent a lion’s mane extract is at preventing the growth of Hy.pylori. 

With this fungus’ growth inhibited, you stand a better chance of overcoming any ulcers occurring in your digestive tract. Additionally, the extract also helps to restore the stomach’s lining after damage by ulcers. 

3) Promotes the Regeneration of the Nervous System and Protection of the Brain

For many of us, the idea of having a sharp memory and an excellent nervous system is something we wish was possible. With regular intake of products containing lion’s mane extract however, this is possible. How so? You may ask.

This extract promotes the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). This compound is an essential one that stimulates the growth of new brain cells as well as nerve tissues. This compound is also essential in promoting neuroplasticity. 

Neuroplasticity refers to the state in which your brain rather than shutting down, when faced with stress, it adapts to it. This state allows you to remain focused on tasks longer and thus be more productive. Moreover, it also helps in overcoming mild depression and anxiety. 

4) Decreases the Risk of Heart Disease

Lion Mane for Heart Diseases
Lion Mane for Heart Diseases

Lion’s Mane extract lives up to the hype it gets from health and nutrition experts alike in helping decrease the risk of heart disease. This extract is particularly helpful in the balancing of cholesterol levels. Additionally, it promotes the optimum circulation of blood. 

However, you may wonder how the extract makes this possible. In one study done on mice, scientists observed that the extract reduced total cholesterol. This effectiveness is also observed in the reduction of triglycerides as well as bad LDLOpens in a new tab. variety. 

Aside from its effect on cholesterol levels, this same extract also helps prevent the thickening of arteries. By doing this, it helps improve blood circulation in the body. Regular intake of this extract also ensures that the possibility of platelet aggregation is reduced significantly. 

5) Improves the Immune System

In recent times, many of the food that people consume contribute largely to weak immune systems. An efficient way of boosting the immune system and prevent diseases is by regular intake of Lion’s Mane extract. 

This mushroom extract does well to improve insulin production and thus prevent the body from developing diabetes. Do you experience stomach upsets resulting from bacterial infections? The answer to your problem could be this mushroom extract. 

Lion’s Mane extract promotes positive bacterial activity in your gut. This bacterial activity goes far in ensuring that you do not experience stomach upsets. It is especially helpful when this activity occurs in the intestines.


Lion’s Mane extract proves to have many beneficial health properties. If consumed regularly under the prescription of a doctor or nutritionist, this extract can help you have stronger immunity. Additionally, it can help in the management of a number of medical conditions.

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