Lemon Vs Lime – What’s the Difference?

Lemon Vs Lime

Have you ever noticed a difference between a lemon and a lime? To rephrase my question, do you even know that there exists a difference between lemon and lime? No! then you are highly mistaken just like anyone else. Does the question arise as to how do we differentiate between the two? Lemon VS Lime

For starters, both lemon and lime are highly acidic citrus fruits. Actually, limes are found to be more acidic than lemons. Let us see how they vary in colour. Limes are smaller and greener compared to lemons which are large in size and light yellow in colour. One thing we all can vouch for is their nutritional, healing and medicinal values.

As per Ayurveda, every food we consume has some nutritional value, which tends to balance or counter-balance the metabolic functions of our body. Citrus fruits like lemon and lime are known for their healing, balancing and rejuvenated medical properties.

Lime and lemon, which is more often than not, considered to be one and same, can be distinguished with subtle differences in taste, colour and flavour.

Lemon Vs Lime – The Flavour Attack

The main difference in the flavour between the two lies in the fact that lime tastes bitter and acidic whereas lemon is sour and acidic. The essence of flavour is the basic difference between the two.

Lemons have higher sugar content making them less bitter in taste. Lime is more acidic with no traces of sugar making it bitter in terms of taste.

Generally, lemons, which are easily available in the market are actually unripe. Limes are plucked from the trees when they are fully grown but unripe and green in colour. Once they ripen they turn yellow in colour. Many people often get mistaken because of the colour difference between the two.

LIME – Important Attributes

LimeLime and lemon are two different citrus fruits though they belong to the same citrus family. It has a lot of variety found across the world. Some of the best variety of lime comprises of Kaffir lime, Persian lime and Key lime.

Limes are a rich source of calcium, iron, phosphorous, potassium, etc. Lime contains enough quantity of essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre fundamentally needed as a daily supplement in food.

It has umpteen number of health benefit properties which are mainly for good digestion, healing respiratory and urinary disorders, piles and peptic ulcers and also aids in weight loss. Lime has immense healing properties and it is full of antioxidants strengthening the immune system of our body.

Due to its beautiful strong aroma, it is predominantly used in manufacturing cosmetic products too.

Lime contains very less calories and is ideal for weight loss as it makes the body more alkaline and helps in detoxification which helps to tone a person down to shape. It contains bioflavonoids which act as a catalyst for boosting immunity.

Not only the juice of Lime but also its peel and pulp are rich in polyphenols and terpenes. Lime has immense antiseptic, antibacterial and disinfectant qualities mainly derived from its peel, juice and oil.

LEMON – Important Attributes

LemonLemon is an important citrus fruit. Though the origin of the lemon is not known it is believed they were first grown in India and China. Genetically, lemons are said to be cross hybrid products of sour oranges and citron. They a rich in Vitamin C which is 50{9ee4a1756df1f046433a3b9283aac1f78994392b768234777ec514a8967075fb} more than lime.

Lemons are rich sources of minerals and vitamins namely C, A, B1, B3 and B2 along with malic acid, citric acid and carotene. Traces of other essential nutrients found in lemons are glucose, sugar, fructose, bioflavonoids and minerals.

Ayurveda has laid special emphasis on the healing and medicinal properties of lemons as they are found to be excellent for detoxification, blood purification, rich in antioxidants, healing tumour and for alkaline qualities. They help in strengthening the immunity of the body to fight any disease or infection.

It is not just the fruits but each and every part of the lemon plant has lots of medicinal and healing quality. It is also used widely for home remedies in India.

Lemons are used to treating cold and cough, to cure acidity and for skin and hair problems. It is popularly used as an important aid for weight loss, building up immunity and also for battling cancer.

Synopsis – Lemon Vs Lime

There is no major difference between the two other than the flavour, colour and size. Lime has strong essence, is green in colour, little small and oval in shape, bitter in acidic in taste. Size of an average lime is 3-6 cm and 1.2-1.4 cm in diameter.

Whereas lemon is ellipsoidal in shape, with no essence and is sweet due to traces of sugar and acidic to taste. Lime has more of carbohydrates as compared to lemon which are rich in Vitamin C rendering them sweet compared to lime, which is bitter. Since there is no stark difference between the two they are generally presumed to be one and same. When it comes to health and nutritive value they are both equally important.


Lime (per 100 gm) Lemon (per 100 gm)
Calcium 33mg 26mg
Iron 0.6mg 0.6mg
Vitamin C 29mg 53mg
Kingdom Plantae Plantae
Vitamin A 50IU 22IU
Magnesium 6mg 8mg
Taste Sweet/sour/bitter Sour
Potassium 102mg 138mg
Folate 8mcg 11mcg
Phosphorous 18mg 16mg

Lemon Vs Lime – Other Important Uses

One of the most common ingredients found in all kitchens is lemon. It is used in cooking and for makes pickles, lemonade, as a salad dressing to elevate the taste of any salad. Lemon is used to make mocktails and is a popularly used in alcoholic drinks and other beverages like lemonades or thirst-quenching coolers. Lemon rind finds its place to add flavour to cakes, pastries, cookies, panacota, mousse, tarts etc. Lime is very acidic and bitter in taste so it is not much used in cooking. It is widely used in manufacturing cosmetic products, for aromatherapy and in medicines.

Health Benefits of Lemon VS Lime

  1. Good source of calcium and magnesium which helps in preventing rickets and is also good for a healthy heart.
  2. It helps in keeping blood pressure low.
  3. It naturally cleanses the colon thereby flushing out the toxins from the body.
  4. Lemon and lime consumption helps in digestion and helps in secreting digestive juices.
  5. It helps in cleansing uric acid from our body which causes pain in joints or bones.
  6. Lemon and lime aids in reducing phlegm.
  7. Its consumption aids in purifying and stimulating the liver.
  8. Lemon and lime consumption helps the liver to produce more enzymes to boost liver functions.
  9. Potassium is richly found in lemon and lime which helps to battle depression and anxiety. It is also very good for the nervous system.
  10. Lemon and lime help in alkalizing the body and helps to maintain the pH balance of the body.

Hence, lime and lemon which appear to be same are but two sides of the same coin. Whereas, most of the nutritional, calorific and culinary aspects are quite similar to the subtle difference lies in the taste, colour and flavour of the two. However suffice to say, that both would accrue tremendous benefits if ingested moderately and regularly.

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