Kegel Exercises You can Try for Tightening The Vagina

Kegel Exercises for Tightening the Vagina

You might be using a moisturizing cream to keep your skin tender and soft. Moreover, you may have undergone a treatment that promises to keep the skin beautiful. But, have you heard about Kegel exercises? Well, if that’s not the case, then Kegels actually help to enhance the strength around the pubococcygenus muscles. These actually help to keep the muscles in shape even after they contract during a sexual intercourse. So, if you are curious to know more, you can go through the set of exercises we have collated below.

One-two punch

When you are about to perform these exercises, you need to squeeze the pubococcygenus muscles as much as it is possible for you. Once you hold the position for a few beats, you need to go back to the initial position. If these steps help, then you can exercise by inhaling and exhaling air. While you focus on relaxing, you shouldn’t concentrate on just tightening the vagina. Even though your aim is to make the muscles stronger, you should move on with an objective of enhancing flexibility.

Endurance Test

If you are suffering from a condition like prolapse or simply preparing for having fun with your partner, then you should go for the endurance test. As you lift and squeeze the pelvis, you should hold the position for a long time span. This would help to improve the vaginal muscles and build up resistance. In case you are looking for better results, then you can use hammock strings as soon as you lift the torso.

The Hip Shaker

If you want to dance on some sweet tunes of music, then you can pretend doing Kegel exercises. Initially, you should stand upright with your legs slightly apart. You then have to place your hands on the hips and shake your hips sideways. To double the excitement, you can repeat the phrases in the song that’s been played.

The Bridge Pose

To get into the pose, you need to first relax yourself on your back resting on the mat. Later, you need to fold your legs without lifting the soles of your feet. Moving ahead, you need to lift the thighs and hips with hands resting on the mat. Gradually, you need to lift the upper body so that it forms an obtuse angle with the mat. You would always be in a win-win situation as you practice the pose regularly. Apart from strengthening the pelvic region, you would also be in a better position to build strength in the guts.

The Clamshell

If you are seeking to strengthen your lower back and core muscles, then the clamshell is something you need to try. As you lie sideways with the upper torso perpendicular to the floor, you can fold the other leg. Now, try to accomplish an ‘L’ shape with the shin and the thighs. After holding the position for some time, you need to shift to the other side and repeat the steps mentioned above. While you would build up the muscles, you would take the orgasm to the next level.

The Reverser

The reverser is yet another interesting exercise you can always try. While it just similar to the classic Kegel, you simply have to exhale air and release the pelvic muscles forcefully. You no longer have to move out from the pose slowly and steadily. You just have to imagine like you are pushing air from the vagina and the throat.

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Tips for Beginners 

  • Always start contracting the pelvic floor muscles for 10 seconds. It’s completely fine if you can contract the muscles for just 1 or 2 seconds.
  • Try repeating the contractions up to 8 to 12 Kegels. Once you are confident with the set, you can repeat the exercises once again.
  • Choose the best position in which you can stay comfortable. You can either sit on a stool, lie down on a mat or stand in the room.
  • Never be hasty and try to do more sets. You should always progress slowly so that the muscles tend to become strong over a period of time.
  • If you can’t balance the body at the first instance, then it’s better to use a beginner Kegel exerciser.

Finally, if you wish to observe the difference, then you can include the Kegel exercises as a part of your fitness routine. Always do a particular exercise for 30 times during the entire span of time you have set aside. Instead of repeating the same exercise again and again, you should mix the set and try different patterns with an aim to contract vaginal muscles. Once you increase the resistance around the area, you can include more exercises. This would help you to work on several muscle groups of your body.

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