Kansa Wand Massage: Must-Read Benefits YOU Need to Know

Kansa Wand Massage

A Kansa wand is a massage tool with a long history in Ayurvedic tradition. Nevertheless, Kansa wand massage refers to a therapy that revitalizes skin, softens fine lines, and relaxes the body muscles.

For many ages, Ayurveda practicesOpens in a new tab. help in enhancing health and boosting strength to a certain level. The use of a Kansa wand makes you feel more energetic and relieves stress at the same time.

Among the healing metals discovered in India, Kansa was first made in the Bronze age almost 5000 years ago. Moreover, it is the time when the Harappan civilization existed in the northwestern regions of South Asia.

As far as the metal Kansa is concerned, it is an alloy of copper and tin. Most of the time, it is known as bronze and is still considered one of the first human metal alloys.

Compared to other metals, Kansa is known to be solid and durable. Besides, the ancient metal used Kansa to craft tools, sacred statues, bells, gongs, and housewares. Meanwhile, some use Kansa utensils to celebrate ceremonies.

Apart from this, the metal has excellent soothing and beauty-enhancing properties. Further, Ayurvedic physicians recommend using Kansa to massage the feet, hands, and body.

Holistic healing traditions have now brought about the revival of the classic traditional art of Kansa. The Kansa massage tool is set on the hand-carved handle, which mesmerizes the eyes of the beholder.


What is a Kansa Wand?

Kansa Wand Massage

A Kansa wand is a wooden-handled tool with a dome-shaped tip made from bronze.

Before the therapy, massagists warm the smooth metal and rub it on the skin gently. Pressure is released with gentle strokes and movements on the body.

Kansa Wand Massage: 3 Ways to Gain Its Benefits

Massagists should know where to locate the body’s pressure points, also known as the marmasOpens in a new tab.. Subsequently, they use a particular pressure and stroke on the points.

Typical massage therapy usually starts on the face. For instance, a massagist may begin on the face, then on the scalp, shoulders, and the sides of the neck. To add, they apply the Kansa wand in a circular motion. The Kansa wand massage is usually repeated two times.

Nonetheless, here are the best Kansa wand massages that your body would thank you.

1. Facial Massage

Therapists apply a jojoba-based face oil in massaging facial features. Circular motions are carried out in the middle of the forehead.

When it comes to the right-hand side of the face, a zigzag and up-down movement is applied. Later, the wand is rolled just below the eyes, cheekbones, and eye socket. Slight pressure is applied towards and away from the midline.

As soon as the person’s head is turned slightly, the hair is pulled away. Furthermore, the massagist works on the jawline and then moves towards the upper lip. Later, the tool is rolled in the up and down direction five times around the mid-chin area.

The facial massage usually lasts anywhere between 15 and 20 minutes.

2. Foot Massage

Kansa Wand Foot Massage

Rubbing the Kansa wand gently on the feet enhances one’s wellness. Ayurvedic physicians use the Kansa tool on the soles and rub it in a circular motion. Therapists apply gentle pressure heels and edges with up and down strokes.

Suppose you are thinking about how the person can benefit from the foot massage. In that case, the therapy helps balance the Ayurvedic doshas of PittaOpens in a new tab., VataOpens in a new tab., and KaphaOpens in a new tab.. Apart from enhancing comfort, the Kanda wand massage creates a cooling and calming effect on the entire body. At the same time, you would feel energetic and relaxed—the contour of the tool aids in relaxing the whole feet.

3. Full Body Massage

Once warm aromatic oils are applied all over the body, a massage is gently carried out with the Kansa wand tool. Apart from enhancing blood circulation, the treatment helps activate the lymphatic system and improve the appearance of fine lines.

Besides, the massage works towards channeling the energy, which increases the healing process and helps to harmonize the mind, body, and soul.

Top Health Benefits of the Kansa Wand Massage Therapy

  • Since the treatment instills a different feeling, Kansa massage helps calm down the entire nervous system.
  • If the individual is worried about relentless pain, the treatment can always bring a soothing effect.
  • The Kansa wand tool helps reduce stress and tiredness; the load is taken off from the feet and a set of muscles.
  • With a relaxed state of mind, the person falls asleep soon after the body is calmed down.
  • If you need to revitalize your complexion, then there’s nothing better than such a type of massage.
  • As circulation is increased considerably, the skin releases toxins, and the irritating sensation is mitigated to a certain extent.

Side Effects of the Massage

While the therapist is always better positioned to rejuvenate the skin, vigorous strokes can bring about numerous side effects. Among these side effects are swollen and reddish skin due to the pressure applied to the strokes.

Additionally, you may need to consult your doctor before having a Kansa wand massage appointment. You need to confirm if your skin has issues concerning using a Kansa wand or metal tools rubbed on the epidermis.

If it’s the first time, use the Kansa wand at night and check out how your skin would react. Once you are very much sure about the reaction, you can include facial massages in your routine.

The metal dome-shaped in the Kansa wand may have acidic properties, making your skin look gray in color from rubs. But, there’s nothing to worry about because the wand is working towards removing excess toxins from the body. Once the energy is increased due to copper and tin, unwanted elements are flushed out effectively.

In brief, it’s worth giving Kansa Wand massage a try. But, before trying out the treatment, never forget to seek the doctor’s opinion.

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