Is Quinoa Paleo – Can you Eat it on the Paleo Diet

Is Quinoa Paleo

One of the most popular food item these days is Quinoa and many people are convinced that it will fall into the category of Paleo-friendly foods.  We decided to take an in-depth look at this super famous food to find out whether or not it fits into the diet plan.

What is Quinoa?

Quinoa which is pronounced as “Keenwah” is a seed from a plant called goosefoot, which belongs to the group of Pseudocereals, which makes it nor the one of cereal or grain and more or less related to beets and spinach.

Because of this uncommon categorization, people who want to take quinoa as their food are puzzled as to what this is actually is and how it might affect one’s health who take it constantly. You might read a lot of articles about quinoa and get as much as possible theories about it and where it poses in a healthy diet.

Can you Eat Quinoa on a Paleo Diet?

Is quinoa Paleo ? The Paleo community seems to be divided. Unfortunately, the answer is no, but it is a bit more complicated.

People choose to follow the Paleo diet and low carbohydrate lifestyles for many reasons. For many It is just for weight loss and for others it is for health, vitality, and energy.

Another reason why people love Paleo diet is to stop taking grains, as it comes under gluten category and people with grain intolerance or sensitivity prefer to follow this diet more.

Of course, quinoa does not have gluten and according to the fact it is nor a grain, but for many, the outer layer of the quinoa can cause gut issues in people who avoid grains for this specific reason. Quinoa has antinutrients like phytic acid and saponin, which stills reacts on the digestive system in many.

If you are a Paleo follower and sensitive to carbohydrate, quinoa still has a high carbohydrate load from fifty to sixty percent starch. And the insulin response from this superfood is not worth at all if you are seeking weight loss.

Quinoa is a good alternative for those who want to make a shift from more harmful grains and starches, but rather consider it a stepping stone for a healthy grain free existence.  There is no any positive reason to keep quinoa in your pantry.

Quinoa and Paelo: Can you Still Have it?

Decide what sort of diet follower you are and make your own plans based on your body’s voice and knowing what makes you feel great or what potentially does not agree with you. If you are a strict follower of Paleo, then Quinoa is not acceptable, but still, it can be a great substitute for many of the true grains out there.

The Verdict

So quinoa, while it’s a gluten-free and better than other grains, is NOT a Paleo-friendly food.  You might have to avoid it for new reasons – as it can cause digestive issues and has a high carbohydrate content. If you are adopting to Paleo for weight loss, then QUINOA is a big No for you.

Pro tip – If you consider yourself rebellious and prefer to eat quinoa, it is best to wash it thoroughly, as the outer coating is said to have wheat – like properties.

If  you want to include quinoa in your diet, then ask yourself why? While this superfood is considered as a good stop – gap, while you are adopting your regular diet to a full Paleo lifestyle, once you made it, there is no reason to include it to your diet as there are quite a lot of other food options available.

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