Is Laryngitis Contagious? (Get The Real Facts)

Is Laryngitis Contagious

If your throat is scratching most of the time, then you might be suffering from a condition called as laryngitis. While this is a common disease, the individuals afflicted with laryngitis may face issues when they are interacting with someone.

However, there are many home remedies to reduce the discomfort. But, before moving ahead, you must know the types of laryngitis and how much the condition is contagious.

Types Of Laryngitis

Among the different types, an individual may suffer from viral, fungal or bacterial laryngitis. The extent of being contagious totally depends on the symptoms and the how the individual has been affected.

Viral Laryngitis

As the name implies, virus laryngitis is caused due to the entry of virus through the mouth.

Is Viral Laryngitis Contagious?

In many circumstances, viral laryngitis is associated with flu or cold. While there might be no difference in the symptoms, doctors are not sure whether the throat condition is contagious. But, once the individual is suffering from flu, then the infection might spread especially when someone comes closer to the patient.

Bacterial Laryngitis

When the infection is through the growth of bacteria, then the condition is 100 percent contagious. In this case, the condition may grow severe due to nasal discharge, pain around the larynx, fever and difficulty in swallowing.

In case you wish to prevent the infection from spreading, then it’s better to get in touch with an ENT specialist. Once he checks the condition carefully, he would then insist you to take antibiotics regularly.

Fungal Laryngitis

Fungus can also be the root cause for laryngitis. But, once the condition arises, then the infection spreads in no time.

The condition may become serious as the infection affects the immune system. Moreover, the fungus may start growing in the bloodstream and the area around the tissues.

Initially, the symptoms may not be noticeable. But, it’s necessary to take antifungal drugs before the swelling becomes worse.

How Long Does Laryngitis Last?

How Long Does Laryngitis Last
How Long Does Laryngitis Last

If the person is affected due to viral laryngitis, then the swelling may become worse within a time span of two to three days. The symptoms may not be observed after a week from that instance. However, you might feel embarrassed or keep yourself away from interacting due to the croaky voice. This usually happens because the vocal chords need some time to settle down. The inflammation would still be prevalent till the virus has not gone.

As far as chronic laryngitis is concerned, then the throat may swell due to relentless smoking of cigarettes. The irritating sensation may also aggravate if the individual is exposed to harmful chemicals.

On the other hand, pneumonia may also lead to inflammation persisting for a long time. Once the gastro esophageal reflux is prominent, the acids from the stomach may move up in the esophagus. This would eventually cause irritation much more than you had imagined.

So, here are some tips on how you can prevent the infection.

Following healthy habits can certainly help you prevent chronic laryngitis.

In case the person is feeling feverish, then he should maintain good hygiene and wash his hands with an antibacterial soap.

If the individual would be speaking most of the time during the day, then he should take breaks at short intervals.

The afflicted individual should also avoid visiting construction sites. This tip has to be considered because exposure to harsh chemicals always has greater chances of aggravating the condition.

If a vocal cyst is the prime cause for the infection, then the person should consult a doctor immediately. The medical practitioner would then recommend taking collagen injections or a surgery for treating the vocal chords.

How Long Is Laryngitis Contagious?

Even though viruses cause laryngitis, the condition is highly contagious. Sneezing or coughing can spread the virus to people around the patient.

Most of the time, the contagious period for common cold is much earlier than the main infection. But, before the symptoms are observed, the symptoms associated with cough and congestion are always clearly visible.

While the truth prevails, the swelling starts developing gradually and the respiratory symptoms are no longer visible. Among the different types, bacterial laryngitis is supposed to be contagious but in a rare case.

Finally, for treating laryngitis it’s always a good idea to drink plenty of water. Besides, medicines like ibuprofen or paracetamol would certainly help to alleviate the pain, headache, and fever. An aspirin gargle is yet another solution to reduce soreness in the larynx. A humid ambiance can also make a difference as the moisture offers comfort and helps to clear the secretions. Alternatively, the person can stay comfortable after inhaling steam from a large bowl of boiling water.

But, before taking any step ahead, it’s better to try out some natural remedies that would help you get rid of the condition.

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