How to Treat and Fix A Jammed Finger?

how to treat a jammed finger

This piece of content contains natural ways on how to fix a jammed finger at home. Read on to dive deeper into the subject for more information.

“RICE” Method to Fix a Jammed Finger

If you are seeking as to how treat a jammed finger, then you should follow the RICE method. This may rule out the occurrence of fracture and keep you away from spending time to visit the doctor.


Whenever you have to deal with an injury, then you should take sufficient rest. Avoid moving the finger and involve in any kind of activity that can cause strain. If that’s not the case, then you are sure to delay the healing process and you might have to live with something more serious.


In order to reduce swelling, you should always apply ice. Try some ice packs and rub them gently on the injured portion. Never apply the ice cube directly over the finger. Instead, wrap the ice cube in a soft cloth and then move on with the remedy.


To offer support to the injured finger, you should tie the finger along with the adjacent one with the help of a tap. Never tighten the tape or else your fingers are likely to become numb due to improper blood circulation. If this happens by chance, then re-apply the tape once again but less tightly the next time.


It’s advisable to raise the finger on an object. This would control swelling and keep you away from internal bleeding.

Finally, once you have managed to keep the finger in the recommended position, you should dab it with a cotton swab dipped in warm water. This would aid in reducing the pain in addition to improving the blood flow in the veins. Do consider this step to be important because it would help to expedite the healing process.

Take Some Painkillers (We Suggest to Take it with Doctor’s Prescription Only)

If pain doesn’t subside, you can alleviate it by taking painkillers like ibuprofen or aspirin. Such medicines are easily available at a medical shop. Don’t worry because you have to just spend little money for the purchase.

How to Fix a Jammed Finger Through Exercises?

How to Fix Jammed FingerWrist Maneuver

For faster healing of the finger, you should make your wrist stronger. Do sit in a chair and lift a weight measuring less than two pounds. Place your wrist on the armrest with the palm facing towards the ceiling. Slide the wrist gradually till the wrist isn’t supported by an object.

Finger Stretching

In such a kind of exercise, you should stretch your finger rather than maintaining the aforementioned position for a longer time span. As you keep the hand at an angle of 90 degrees, use the other hand to bend the finger towards the palm. Make sure you hold the finger for 15 minutes and come back to the original position.

Finger Resistance

Try spreading your fingers by placing the rubber band between the fingertips. Hold the position for at least 10 seconds and bring the fingers closer to each other.  Repeat the exercise for 30t to 50 times during the day.

If nothing works even after the jammed finger treatment, then you shouldn’t panic but check with the doctor whether the pain is due to a fracture. Do ensure that you rest your finger for some time and follow the steps sincerely so that it’s back to normal.

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