How To Stop Vitiligo From Spreading Through Ayurveda?

How to Stop Vitiligo From Spreading

Vitiligo is nothing but a disease that considerably affects the skin. While blotches or patches start appearing across different areas, the skin starts losing its color. The reasons as to why the disease occurs are totally unknown. But, being a cosmetic disease, people become uncomfortable and insecure as soon as the skin color changes drastically. Once the embarrassment sets in, the individual normally refrains from interacting and mingling with a group of people.

So, in order to know how to control vitiligo from spreading, you need to scroll ahead.

How to Stop Vitiligo from Spreading?

There are many ways in which this skin disease can actually spread. A condition is known as ‘autoimmunity’ usually leads to the spread of Vitiligo. The condition is surely going to occur when the person consumes foodstuffs with Vitamin C as the major constituent. If you have eating fermented foods like curd or yogurt, then there are greater chances of Vitiligo spread.

So, let’s have a look at the easiest ways on how to stop vitiligo from spreading before looking into natural remedies for Vitiligo.

Reduce Stress

Stress of any kind can always lead to Vitiligo. So, in order to keep your mind relaxed, you should change your lifestyle to a certain extent. Think about practicing yoga and different types of relaxation exercises. In case you have spare time, then stepping out for a jog can certainly help.

Drink Water

In order to retain body fluid and get rid of Vitiligo, you should always drink water preferably from a copper vessel. You are sure to get instant relief when the copper ions get infused in water.

Protect the Skin Well

If you are experiencing some kind of trauma, then you should always protect the skin. Something like an accident can let you feel the pain and make the condition spread across other areas.

Apply Sunscreen Lotion

If you would be moving around on sunny days, then it’s advisable to apply a sunscreen protection cream or a lotion. For complete skin protection, you should always make sure that the lotion or cream is of strength 30 or above.

15 Home (Natural) Remedies for Vitiligo

Home Remedies for Vitiligo1. Red Clay

If you wish to treat Vitiligo faster, then you should try red clay. Just like any kind of clay, red clay contains many elements that can be actually beneficial for the skin.

Owing to the presence of copper and iron oxides, red clay is known to alleviate the symptoms of the skin disease.

So, as you think about this home remedy, you should dissolve four cups of red clay in sufficient amount of water and shake the mixture thoroughly.

Later, you should add the mixture to a bathtub brimming with water. Once you’re done, you need to soak the entire body in the tub for a time span of 15 minutes.

2. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be an effective way when it comes to treating Vitiligo. This is because the essential oil helps in moisturizing the skin and soothe the skin in a better way. As the melanocytes production is enhanced, the oil recovers the lost pigments and renews the skin.

Due to the antifungal properties, the oil works wonders to kill bacteria all across the area.

To benefit from the oil, you must apply extra-virgin coconut oil on the white patches twice or thrice in a day. Follow the step for two weeks at a stretch so that the improvement in the skin condition is very much noticeable.

3. Ginger

Known to be the most popular home remedy, Ginger lets you get rid of Vitiligo by improving the production of pigments and enhancing the blood circulation.

Initially, you need to source a slice of fresh ginger and apply it over the affected area.

Unless the extract dries, you need to wait for 10 to 15 minutes. For overcoming the skin condition, it’s better to repeat the remedy for two to three times for a couple of weeks.

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4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is supposed to heal the skin and offer essential nutrients so that the skin stays hydrated and you would succeed in removing white patches and spots.

So, as you move on, you should take a fresh Aloe Vera leaf and extract the gel carefully.

Soon after you have applied over the affected area, you need to wait for a few hours and wash the area with water.

To achieve results, you should repeat the steps two or three times throughout the entire day.

5. Radish Seeds

In case white spots and patches are visible on the skin, then radish seeds would help to resolve the issue.

AS the production of melanin is increased, the skin is renewed over a period of time.

So, as you think about this way, preparing a paste of apple cider vinegar and radish seeds should be the first step.

At that instance, you would require to crush 50 grams of radish seeds and add 60 ml of Apple cider vinegar.

Soon after applying the paste for 15 minutes, you need to wash the area thoroughly. Make sure you repeat the step at least six times in the day.

6. Sweet Basil Leaves

White patches and spots could always be dealt with sweet basil leaves. As you extract juice from six lemons, you need to prepare a concoction by mixing basil leaf extract. Do make sure you have applied the solution on white areas.

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7. Turmeric and Mustard Oil

If you are thinking about an effective remedy for Vitiligo, then think about applying a mixture of mustard oil and turmeric. As you try out this natural treatment, you should be in a better position to reduce the visibility of white patches as well as spots.

8. Figs & Walnuts

In order to enhance blood circulation, you need to eat lots of raw figs. As soon as you roast the figs, you need to grind them to form a powder and add a little bit of water to form a paste. Apart from figs, it’s also recommended to have walnuts every day.

9. Neem Leaves

For attaining better results for Vitiligo, you should drink neem juice at least two times in a day. As the juice is rich in minerals, it is extremely effective in treating the skin condition.

10. Honey

Since many ages, honey has been used as a natural treatment for many conditions. Rather than consuming one spoon of honey every day, you need to rub the gel-like liquid on the area, wait for 30 minutes, and rinse the patches well.

Do use clean water to wash away honey. If you would be using soap, then your skin would be deprived of nutrients and would eventually become dry.

11. Zinc

Minerals such as Zinc always aid in treating skin diseases as the pigments are renewed. So, instead of consuming the mineral directly, you should add zinc rich foodstuffs like crab, yeast, lobster, beef and legumes to your diet. If available in the market, you can also enjoy chicken and oyster.

12. Pomegranate

Due to an imbalance in antioxidants, Vitiligo might arise some later. So, in order to restore the balance, you should eat fruits like pomegranate which retains the water content in addition to stimulating the production of collagen.

If the fruit is unavailable, then adding a powder of crushed pomegranate leaves to water and drinking it could be the best option.

13. Black Gram

If you are seeking the best cure for vitiligo, then you should eat black gram. Soon after you ground black gram and mixed the powder in water, you should form a thick paste and apply it on the skin. Once it dries up, you need to wash away the paste with water.

To see the difference, you need to follow the aforementioned steps for four months.

14. Pepper and Clarified Butter

You would be thankful to use black pepper because it heals the skin and enhances the growth of melanin cells. But, once combined with clarified butter, it would be the best solution for the skin disease.

So first, you need to heat 10 grams of butter and add 10 peppers.

Later, it’s necessary to strain the mixture after a couple of hours and drink it till the skin color is restored in a better way. As an alternative, you can apply the solution to the skin and rinse it with water after 15 to 20 minutes.

15. Cabbage

For Vitiligo on face, you can use cabbage juice because it contains harmless phenolic compounds. After applying the juice on the affected area, you need to wait for 10 minutes and rinse the area with tepid water.

Alternatively, you can boil the leafy vegetable in water and use the extract to wash the concerned areas.

If you are wondering what could be the essential oils for vitiligo, then they include black pepper oil, Babchi oil, tea tree oil, and bergamot oil. On the whole, these oils restore the pigments and combat fungal or bacterial growth.

How to Prevent Vitiligo from Spreading?

If you don’t wish to get affected due to Vitiligo, then you shouldn’t drink tea, coffee or alcohol. Besides, you should include grapes, lemon, and fish in your diet. Since chlorinated water can cause a skin reaction, you should also avoid swimming frequently.

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