How to Stop Hiccups Naturally?

Home Remedies for Hiccups

Hiccups are a common problem that arises out of sudden and involuntary contraction of the diaphragm which may be explained as a lid on the stomach influx passage in layman terms. Most of the instances are common but hiccups can also be associated with Kidney failures or severe precursory cases of Pneumonia. And even worse is the prolonged state where hiccups may also cause a difference in speech and change and disturbance in the sleep patterns.

Cause of Hiccups

While there are no known and defined causes of hiccups that have been found, hiccups can occur at any time and to anyone.

  • For hiccups that last lesser than 48 Hours, they may be caused due to consumption of Carbonated Drinks, Excessive eating beyond the appetite, too much alcohol and Sudden temperature changes. Hiccups may also be caused due to stress and tensions.
  • For Hiccups that last for more than 48 hours, other reasons which are more severe may be found. This would include Nerve Damages and irritants entering the body.
  • Something as simple as a small speck of dust or hair touching the ear drum.
  • Gastro intestinal reflux
  • Mental disorders like encephalitis, meningitis and other diseases
  • Alcoholism, Anesthesia and Diabetes

Home Remedies for Hiccups

  • While lemon sprinkled with rock salt is a common solution, Chewing on mint leaves also helps in getting rid of the Hiccups
  • Alternatively, you may also have buttermilk or chaach with a pinch of Dry Ginger powder
  • Slices of Raw Ginger sprinkled with Turmeric also helps
  • You may also try holding your breath for regular intervals of time
  • Or, even better is sipping some water to begin with and then trying something else.

Unless your hiccups are just ordinary and not the body’ way of demanding attention, hiccups can be easily cured with common ingredients. But even after using these solutions, if there is not much relief, you certainly need to see your medical practitioner.

Apart from these edible solutions, you can also notice considerable improvement with some alterations to your habits.

  • Smoke lesser and consume lesser alcohol
  • Also keep a bit away from heavy meals and carbonated drinks
  • Use two straws instead of one while sipping to obstruct the passage of air
  • You may also try sipping water while lying down. Use a Sippy cup for this.

Also make sure that you are chewing the food properly and not just swallowing it.

Wait before you try the chemicals and medicines! Here are sure shot ways to get rid of the hiccups at home!

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