How To Make Your Periods Come Faster?

How To Make Your Periods Come Faster

Wondering to induce periods much earlier for keeping you away from unnecessary embarrassment? If so, then you should skim through these home remedies. We know that a period can actually make the girl unhappy and restrict her from enjoying that special occasion. But, if you don’t know the reason ‘why you should speed up the unexpected situation’, then it’s always a better option and safer than delaying it the last minute.

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Natural Ways to Prepone Menstruation

When you are seeking an answer on ‘how to induce your periods’, you can always consider these natural remedies.


Since many centuries, Parsley assures you success in inducing menstruation. According to a nutritionist, the key constituents, Myristicin and Apiol help for the contraction of the uterus. This further helps in bringing the effect much earlier than expected. You can simply relish parsley tea twice daily or eat 2 grams of leaves boiled in 150 ml water.

Carom Seeds

Known as ‘Ajwain’ in India, Carom seeds along with jaggery not only has a good impact on the menstrual cycle but also helps in alleviating pain due to menstrual cramps. Be habituated in consuming 1 tablespoon of carom seeds and 1 teaspoon of jaggery boiled in a glass of water. Follow this tip regularly as soon as you wake up in the morning.


Searching for the most effective home remedy? Then you should eat Papaya on a regular basis. Doctors say that carotene in papaya triggers the production of the female hormone, estrogen that thereby induces periods on an early date. Consuming small chunks of the fruit or juice two times a day can also be another option. To experience a better effect, gulp down 200 ml of juice or savor a bowlful of ripe papaya when the period is midway.


It’s amazing to know that Ginger acts as a powerful emmenagogue owning to its properties. But, you should be careful during its consumption because it may be the cause for acidity. It’s believed that the substance enhances heat around the uterus and later promotes contraction and menstrual flow. Every morning, either drink ginger tea or the extract blended with a little bit of honey. You can also consume ginger juice and water mixed in the ratio 2:1. Don’t forget the remedy as soon as the sun rises.

If you wish to know more about the role of such drink, watch the video as below.


When you want to increase the pace of menstrual flow, a doctor would usually suggest trying celery juice. To promote blood flow around the pelvis and uterus as well as induce period, drink fresh juice twice a day. The remedy is one of the ways to make your period come faster.

Coriander Seeds

Yet another home remedy is eating coriander seeds. This helps in ruling out period irregularities. Once you have boiled 1 teaspoon of coriander with two cups of water, wait for some time till the leaves soak half the quantity. Later, remove the seeds with the help of a strainer and drink the mixture three times a day. Follow this remedy at the onset of the menstrual cycle.

Fenugreek Seeds / Methi

Experts recommended methi to increase the speed of the menstrual cycle. As mentioned earlier, you should drink the concoction after the seeds are boiled in water.


Pomegranate juice is supposed to elevate the pace of a menstrual cycle. Start drinking the juice of this fruit at least two weeks prior to the regular date. Besides, you can drink a mixture of pomegranate juice and sugarcane juice taken in equal proportions. Follow the tip as frequent as four times during the day. To get an idea of different ingredients, check out the video.

Exercises to Expedite Periods

Apart from other benefits, exercises enhance blood circulation throughout the body. They also help to infuse heat within the body. Once you work upon the abdominal muscles, you are sure to boost metabolic activity and make your periods come early.


Aerobics are good for maintaining the metabolic rate. Moreover, they help you cut down a few pounds and keep you energetic all day long. You don’t need to avail the membership of a health center or take yourself through the drill at Zumba classes. Keeping everything light would serve a better purpose. You can either dance to peppy music, swim in a pool near your residence, or head for jogging down a silent street. But, if you are unable to do these on a regular basis, then you can opt for ways that are never too aggressive. Climb the stairs whenever you have time away from tight schedules.

Crunch and Twist

Unlike any other forms, crunch and twist can be thought as the instant way of inducing periods much before time. Once you bend knees till your legs are folded halfway, you should try to reach the left knee with the right elbow and then do the same for the left elbow. Generally, you should never overdo this exercise, rather repeat for 10 to 15 times.


Spread a soft mat and lie down on your stomach with your back facing the ceiling. While you stretch and keep your feet together, apply strength through your palms and try to push upwards. Breathe in when the body moves from the floor. Be certain that your hands are bent slightly. This would help you sustain your body weight effectively.

Start Skipping

Skipping may lead into exerting energy but it’s beneficial for periods. The exercise is a breeze as you might have observed with little ones. Catch hold of a skipping rope and hold it in your hands with a loop around your calves. Maintain an upright posture with feet together and start jumping. Never set a target but jump at least for 3 minutes. Try carrying out this exercise outdoors if indoors seems over crowded.

Sit Ups

Sit ups are commonly performed to enhance physical strength and add strength to muscles around your stomach. But, interestingly, the exercise aids to make periods faster. Lie down with your back touching the floor and bring your hands together around your neck. As your feet touch the mat, bend your knees for a comfortable position. On an exhale, push yourself upwards, wait for a second or so, and return to the initial position after inhaling air. Once you repeat sit ups 15 to 20 times, you would actually be making the way for the fluid.

Finally, we would like to conclude with the fact that a menstruation cycle is a natural phenomenon. So, before you induce periods before the expected date, always consult a medical practitioner. Consume foodstuffs which aren’t a rich source of Vitamin C. Besides, you should refrain from eating ingredients that can cause allergies. As far as other options are concerned, hot water packs placed on the abdomen can help prepone periods. Don’t sip coffee or aerated drinks since such kind of stuff interferes with the cycle.

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