6 Ways on How to Keep Nails Healthy and Strong

How to Keep Nails Healthy

Achieving healthy and clean nails does not have to be expensive and a hassle. Checking them regularly for ridges, dents, discolorations should be a routine to maintain your nail health. There are simple ways to do this, from grooming, taking supplements, and avoiding things that could damage your nails.

Some people might have vertical ridges on their nails but they are harmless, and they usually disappear with age. White lines that appear randomly or spots due to injury also usually gradually grow out with the nail.

However, not all nail conditions are normal that you should overlook having them checked regularly. If you notice something unusual in your nails, see a doctor or dermatologist for consultation immediately. But even better, know to prevent these things from happening.

Listed below are helpful tips to keep your nails strong and healthy.

Keep your Nails Dry and Clean

As you wash your hands, wash your nails as well. Gently scrub the nail surface and its undersides with soap and water. By doing so, you are a step ahead because you are removing harmful bacteria from under your nails. But you cannot just stop there. Dry your nails after washing them thoroughly. Aside from cleaning the trapped dirt, you also want to avoid bacterial and fungal growth on your nails, so it is important to keep your nails dry and clean.

Trim your Nails Regularly

The fashion trend for nails nowadays include neat, natural-looking, and shorter nails compared to the past. By cutting your fingernails and toenails regularly, you achieve the trendy look, maintain your nail health, and avoid snagging or breaking your nails all the time. Try sharp manicure scissors or clippers. Trim nails straight across and then round the tips in a moderate curve.

Also, as part of proper nail hygiene, clean your nail grooming equipment. Prevent your nails from getting exposed to bacteria by washing your clippers with antibacterial soap and water. Before using it, make sure you have completely dried the moisture out.

Moisturize Cuticles

This is to avoid irritation and damage to your nails. Cuticles are the thin layer of skin near the bottom of the nail connecting to your finger. By applying thick moisturizers, flaking, peeling, and drying of cuticles can be prevented. Petroleum jelly can be a good alternative for skin care. There are also many ointments and creams that are suitable too.

Also, when applying hand lotion, rub it into your fingernails too. Using lotion, especially with alpha-hydroxy acids or lanolin, can strengthen your brittle nails. Check your cream’s ingredients to see if there are substances for rebuilding your nail strength.

Apply a Protective Layer

Utilizing a nail hardener can help strengthen your nails. Enjoy your polish, whether it be gel polishes or more conventional brands, but consider giving your nails a break from polish periodically.

Try Biotin

Research suggests that biotin, a natural supplement, might help with nail health and strengthening weak fingernails. Consult with your doctor about adding biotin to your diet. He/ she might suggest other natural supplements, such as iron supplements, to aid the growth of healthy nails. Iron deficiency can be a factor in weak nails. Your doctor can recommend the right iron dosage for you.

Take Infections Seriously

Be sensitive with your nails. Smooth out ragged edges of your fingernail or wrap a bandage around your broken nail to avoid further damage. Consult with your doctor for any signs of infection to assist you in attending to your nail care needs. There could be changes in nail color or discoloration of the nails, changes in nail shape, thinning or thickening of the nails, separation of the nail from the skin, bleeding, or swelling around the nails that only a doctor can properly diagnose.

Infections can sometimes be treated with anti fungal ointment from the drugstore, but they sometimes need prescription medication. For optimal nail care treatment, seeing a doctor or seeking appropriate medical measures should be always be considered.

It is easy to neglect to care for your nails. But it also pays health dividends to give more time to nail hygiene. People can easily overlook giving proper attention to their fingernails, but sometimes it is the first thing we notice in a person—even becoming the basis of some people’s first impression.

Maintaining healthy and strong nails is never troublesome as long as you make it part of your normal routine and lifestyle. These suggested steps are easily achievable, so you do not have to make a lot of effort to achieve clean and healthy nails.

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