How to Get Rid of a Hickey Quickly: 27 Proven and Effective Ways

How to Get Rid of a Hickey

Hickeys are also known as “kiss marks” that generally last from 2 days and 2 weeks. Fortunately, there are several ways to get rid of a hickey and speed up the healing process.

Practically displaying your love and affection for your spouse or partner by giving a hickey is a good and romantic action. While a hickey might hold a certain level or degree of love, affection, trigger, and sexual satisfaction, it sometimes lasts longer than we expect it to. This is especially true if you’re someone with sensitive or fragile skin.

What is a Hickey?

Hickeys are nothing but bruises appearing on the skin, either on the neck, lips, or stomach. Generally, these might be referred to as a kiss mark or a love bite.

Like normal bruises, you can apply home remedies to get rid of a hickey. However, there’s no existing cream or serum that would instantly remove them. Simple, natural, and medical treatments will remove them over a short period.

Getting rid of a hickey is not something we would refer to as a mundane task. With the right procedure and treatment, you can get rid of a hickey in less than a week.

Hickeys appear differently on the skin, depending on one’s skin color. For instance, people who have lighter complexion are more prone to hickeys. Meanwhile, more toned individuals encompass more melanin pigment, which prevents the clot of blood vessels, making the hickey less visible.

Finally, a person’s skin sensitivity also influences the visibility of a hickey. Sensitive skin is more likely to get a hickey mark way easier than less sensitive skin.

Types of Hickeys

Hickeys may appear on different body parts. So, here are the types you should surely go through to know more about hickeys.


Hickey on NeckWhether it’s the boy or girl, the neck is the most common body part where the mate kisses. The love mark might differ in the color shade, depending on how deep both of them have indulged in lovemaking.


Lip HickeyIn case your lips are bitten, then you shouldn’t consider them as hickeys. But, if the upper and lower lip gets swollen after some time, it indicates a hickey.

In such a condition, it’s advisable to use a warm compress for the soothing effect. If you reduce swelling in the fastest way possible, then it’s better to try a couple of remedies together.


Hickeys on BreastYet another common form could be hickeys on the breast. The area that’s affected has many veins and capillaries beneath the skin. Once the skin is bitten, the blood clots and the veins might not circulate blood.


Hickeys on ChestSynonymous to the mark observed in the case of women, men may have to deal with hickeys on their chest. The chest and the neck is the common body part where the impression of the teeth is visible. But, the area can be treated in a better way as nothing seems complicated as the mark on the breast.

How to Get Rid of a Hickey (#27 Natural Ways that Work Best)

Hickeys on the neck are the most common types of hickeys because the neck is an erogenous zone. Most people try to hide hickeys on their necks by wearing clothing items that cover them, like a turtle neck shirt, or by using a scarf to cover around their necks.

The truth is, these clothing items are subject to weather conditions and seasons, which means that finding a better solution to that mark is the best option. That brings us to the inevitable question, can hickeys be removed?

If the affected area takes on a dark red shade, it’s a hint that it can cause skin infection. Before consulting a skin specialist or taking medicines, you should always try one of the remedies for love bites listed below. These are inexpensive only if you source suitable essential oils from the market.

How to Get Rid of a Hickey Infographic1. Ice

Just as you would do it with other bruises, a cold compress or a couple of ice cubes can help you get rid of a hickey. As the ice opens up the veins, the blood starts flowing around the wound.

Soon after you have wrapped ice in a towel, place it on the affected area for some time. Repeat the step after an hour or so on the first day. Moving ahead, you should follow the steps for at least 15 minutes.

2. Cold spoon

A cold spoon is another way to remove hickeys aside from ice. In this case, you’ll keep a spoon inside the refrigerator for about 20 minutes. Apply the spoon directly to the affected area. Once the spoon becomes warm, apply ice for a few seconds.

3. Massage the area

Once the blood clots in the region, massage is the best solution to enhance blood circulation. Massage and apply light pressure in the area in a circular motion until you’re relieved from the itching sensation.

4. Peppermint oil

Nothing is as better as peppermint oil when you’re treating hickeys at home. The oil works wonders; it prevents blood clots and reduces the bruise’s color.

For better results, use lavender oil with peppermint oil. Soon after you have applied the oil, wrap the wound with the help of a bandage or a gauze. To accelerate the healing process, repeat the steps at least four times a day.

5. Arnica salve

Ideally, arnica salve is used for treating sore muscles, sprains, twitched muscles, etc. But, the herb can be a homeopathic solution, especially when you experience a burning sensation on hickeys.

Firstly, you need to mix a quarter teaspoon of lavender oil, a quarter teaspoon of peppermint oil, and two cups of coconut oil. Later, soak the herb in the mixture for at least half a day. Then, boil the mixture, add beeswax oil, and strain the mixture in a crockpot. Soon after you have considered a portion of arnica salve, it’s recommended to apply it on hickeys twice or thrice a day.

Make sure that the beeswax melts completely, and the mixture cools down for about thirty or forty minutes.

6. Warm compress

A warm compress helps you to get rid of hickeys in a much better way. It would help if you kept the area warm for two days. Heat not only enhances the process of dispersing blood but also dilates the blood vessels. So, before you move on, here’s what you need to follow.

Initially, it’s essential to heat the water for some time and soak the cloth for a couple of minutes. Apply the cloth on the skin directly and leave it as it is. Repeat the procedure thrice a day for better results.

7. Coin

Probably, rubbing a coin might be a painful treatment if you’re trying to get rid of a hickey fast. You’ll need to stretch your skin and rub the area with a coin gently. Before you do this, make sure to disinfect the coin properly to avoid skin infection.

8. White toothpaste

White-colored toothpaste can remove the love mark from the skin. Use a warm sponge to damp the toothpaste on the affected area. You’ll feel relieved from the irritation afterward. Remember to wipe clean the area after 30 minutes.

9. Iodine

A tint of Iodine is among the best remedy for any bruises and love marks. Apart from hiding a hickey, iodine helps remove the mark faster. You have to apply the agent directly on the hickey.

Just make sure that you use a solution with less concentration of iodine. If you fail to do so, then concentrated solutions can damage the skin and be poisonous to the body.

10. Fresh potatoes

Potato may be considered the best vegetable to reduce the size of a hickey. Slice a potato and leave it on the skin for 20 minutes. You can also apply gentle massage to the area for better results.

11. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is extremely useful in removing hickeys and marks. You can prepare a solution by cutting some leaves and combining them with vodka. Use a damp cloth and apply the solution to the area for 10 minutes.

12. Baking soda

Baking soda works wonder in a hickey that has appeared recently. If you have spare time, prepare a paste by diluting the powder in water. Apply the paste to the area and wait for 10 minutes, and then wash the area thoroughly.

To be on the safer side, you should use distilled water to prepare the paste. Since the chemical compound reacts quickly, the resultant paste might lead to skin allergies.

13. Cabbage leaves

If you are seeking alternative medicine, consider cabbage leaves. They always work wonders in removing bruises and alleviating injuries. As you apply the leaf to the area, it’s better to wait for an hour. In case it’s required, you can move on with the remedy once again.

As a warning, you shouldn’t use any other leafy vegetable apart from cabbage. Before taking any step, ensure that you have cleaned the leaves thoroughly or else the dirt can give way to skin problems.

14. Meat

If the hickey is not that old, then fresh meat or beef can be extremely effective. You should first source a thin slice of beef and apply it directly to the wound. While it’s recommended to keep the slice for 15 minutes, 30 minutes would be effective. If you want to get rid of the bruise on your face,  wash it thoroughly and then place fresh meat.

15. Garlic and onion

If you need to remove the hickey permanently, then a paste of garlic and onion can be a better option. While the wound starts fading away, the swelling around the area is considerably reduced.

So, as you proceed with the remedy, grind garlic and onion in equal proportions. After preparing a homogenous mixture, take the paste and wrap it with a small piece of cloth. Finally, place the compress directly over the affected area.

16. Sunbath or solarium

Enjoying a sunbath is always a good idea to hide hickeys. However, if you can afford to spend money, then nothing is as better as a solarium. To bask under the sun, you can relax along the seashore. But, you should be very careful in case you are coping up with skin problems. Contact your doctor immediately if you’re unsure about your skin’s condition.

17. Eat strawberries

Juicy fruits, like strawberries, certainly help in healing hickeys. The salicylic acid helps in draining excessive blood from the bruise. But, before moving ahead, you should not be allergic to strawberries. Regardless of the condition, you shouldn’t eat more than a kilogram of strawberries within two days. If you can’t get rid of the bruise, you should opt for another remedy.

18. Cosmetic products

In case nothing works, you can cover the wound with makeup. Grab a toner with a green tint so that you are smart enough to hide the red area in seconds.

Just like beauty experts, apply a yellow concealer first. Later, layer it up with a green toner and apply a sufficient amount of liquid powder. This would aid in camouflaging the affected area and making it invisible.

19. Banana peels

Banana peels are among the most effective home remedies you can try to get rid of a hickey. Cut the banana peel to the size of the hickey, place it on the wound, and wait for half an hour. To speed up the healing process, repeat the steps at least twice in one day.

20. Oranges

Being a rich source of Vitamin C, oranges help remove hickeys. You no longer have to bother about anything else once you enjoy drinking orange juice twice a day. Apart from boosting your body’s Vitamin C level, citrus fruit provides fibers and nutrients to the body.

21. Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is a natural moisturizer sourced from cocoa beans. This is best applied to the affected area after a warm compress treatment. Gently massage the area for a couple of minutes, and you’ll instantly feel relief.

22. Eye drops

Pour the eye drop solution directly to the affected area and leave it for 2 minutes. Rinse the wound with cold water. Moreover, this remedy brings back the skin to its normal color.

23. Teabags

Teabags can be a home remedy for hickeys. Prepare the black tea by dipping tea bags in boiling water, and wait for a few minutes. Allow the infusion to cool down. Afterward, directly place the tea bags on the bruise for some time. Treating the area several times a day leads to your hickeys’ disappearance instantly.

24. Apple vinegar

Since apple vinegar can absorb blood clots from the skin’s surface, it can be considered the best home remedy. You can create a solution by mixing four tablespoons of apple vinegar in water. At this stage, soak a gauze in the solution. After you have applied the solution and have held it for one minute, rub the area with your fingertip. Repeat the treatment twice a day for better results.

25. Pineapple

Apart from being a delicious fruit, pineapple does work for treating a hickey. The enzyme bromelain clears away blood clots and minimizes the intensity of the bruise’s color. Alternatively, you can drink bromelain-rich supplements to speed up the healing process.

26. Parsley

Hickeys sometimes blacken the affected area. Thus, parsley can help restore your skin’s normal color. The leafy herb contains flavonoids that reduce inflammation to the best extent. So, as you move on with the remedy, prepare a paste, apply it over the area, and cover it up with a bandage. Rinse the area with warm water after an hour.

27. Tuna oil

Tuna oil contains omega 3 and vitamin E that helps regenerate your skin effectively. Apply the oil directly to the area and leave it for 5 minutes.

Finally, you could be smart enough to hide it if you are not prepared with the remedies above.

Bonus Tips

Tip 1: A colored scarf can help hide the hickey on your neck and make you look even more attractive. You could also wear a turtleneck t-shirt to hide the neck completely.

Tip 2: Brushing the area with a toothbrush may not make sense, but it can help drive away from the wound. Make sure you apply some ice once you have brushed off the area a bit more gently.

Tip 3: Use lipstick or a pen cap for hickeys so the area is cured and increased blood circulation.

If the above-mentioned home remedies do not offer results, consult with a doctor immediately.

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