How to Get Nicotine Out of Your System Fast?

How to Get Nicotine Out of Your System Fast

Whenever you start smoking a cigarette, the amount of nicotine circulating in the blood is always on the higher side. On an average, the nicotine persists for a time span of 6 to 8 hours. While most of the nicotine is flushed out through urine, the metabolic activity takes place only after 48 to 72 hours. The by-product known as cotinine takes around 20 to 30 days to flow into the bloodstream. So, if you wish to remove the harmful substance in a faster way, then you must check below ways on how to get nicotine out of your system.

Best Ways on How to Get Nicotine Out of Your System Fast

Eat Vitamin C Rich Fruits & Vegetables

Since many ages, Vitamin C is recognized for flushing nicotine in a better way. It not only boosts metabolism but also promotes the multiplication of white blood cells. Preferably, you can avoid smoking cigarettes and eat fruits as well as vegetables containing a high level of water.  You would soon be doing away with the smoking urge because you would be full with nutritious fibers. Unlike other foodstuffs like meat and caffeinated beverages, fruits actually worsen the taste of tobacco. In the end, you would be leading a healthier lifestyle and refrain from moving back to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Drink Lots Of Water

According to medical practitioners, water offers the best way to remove nicotine from the body. As it rehydrates the digestive system, you would be adding on to your physical health. Furthermore, you would give a pat on your back as harmful chemicals are drained down.

Exercise Regularly

In order to fight back stress, a person who is addicted to smoking can move on with a fitness drill. Apart from enhancing the metabolic rate, exercises burns nicotine along with calories. On the other hand, a heavy workout causes you to sweat and flush out nicotine. In case you can’t hit the gym regularly, then take brisk walks to stay active and stress free.

Perform Breathing Exercises

Take deep breaths for a few minutes once you feel to pop a cigarette. You only need to stay quiet, close your mouth and intake air and exhale air gradually. As you go on and on, you would feel better with the stomach moving in the upward and downward direction. You should try Pranayam yoga for better results.

Eat Broccoli

Among different vegetables, eating broccoli is a great way to maintain the level of Vitamin C. As you start chewing the leaves constantly, sulphoraphane is released into the system to restore the chemical pathway, NRF2. This keeps you in a better position as the macrophage gets activated. Moreover, the chances of suffering from lung cancer are minimized to a great extent.

Brazilian Nuts

Known to contain the antioxidant, Selenium, Brazilian nuts can be eaten to remove nicotine. With just 200mcg of selenium, individuals can perceive a 63% decrease in prostate cancer, and 46% dip in lung cancer. Eventually, you would be leaning on the safer side as you won’t be affected by nicotine.

Pop in a Chewing Gum

If you yearn to replace cigarettes, then a chewing gum, hard candy, toothpick or cinnamon sticks can be the best substitutes. While you use the toothpick, make sure you don’t hurt your gums but keep in your mouth for some time.

Drink Pine Needle Tea

If you’re bored with those conventional beverages, then pine needle tea can work for you. The refreshment comes into action when the infection inside the mouth and throat is driven away. Way beyond, the tea can help you maintain lung health.

Finally, you must stay from smokers and rather mingle in a clean and fresh environment. Passive smoking might create health hazards and you would never succeed with the efforts. You should also munch on the kiwi fruit and consume carrot juice and spinach as much as you can.

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