How to do Kapalbhati Pranayam Yoga?

How to do Kapalbhati

Do we need to prove benefits of yoga? Need we say more? Yet to inform those who may have not tried it ever, we give you the first and the most basic practice of yoga that can make oodles of difference to your overall health and wellbeing. This write up is discussing about kapalbhati pranayam and related health benefits.

Yoga is the most effective measure to naturally strengthen the body from within. It deals with a wide array of yoga poses that the body can make along with controlled inhalation and exhalation such that the circulation of blood in the body is regulated to enhance the body functions.

While each Yoga pose is meant for a specific reason, the yoga that has to be practiced depends upon the need and the requirement of the body. Yoga for everyday is different and for treatment of illnesses is different. This is why we need to practice yoga based on our body type and needs.

However, one thing that remains common to all bodies and yoga activists is the regime of KapalBhati (Hatha Yoga). We give you the step wise instruction for this.

How to do KapalBhati?

Straight forward and easy, this practice has to be performed with caution else you may end up hurting the body. There are also some precautions that need to be taken care of while you perform the following steps:

  • Sit straight with a relaxed but straight spine and legs in front
  • Inhale deeply taking time till your fill your body with air but EXHALE suddenly with a puffing sound. The focus has to be laid on the exhalation and not the inhalation.
  • To exhale with force, contract the abdominal muscles inwards and while inhaling expand the abdominal muscles to outside.
  • Perform in sets of ten breaths and the best is to complete two sets of the exercise

Benefits of Kapalbhati Yoga

Kapalbhati pranayam is one of the most effective breathing exercises which bring glow on the face and make the whole body relaxed. Daily practice of kapalbhati helps you to cure many health conditions over the period of time.

It is performed by many people to procure different benefits of kapalbhati such as;

  • It soothes your body and mind
  • Make your physique more flexible and relaxed
  • Help you in weight loss
  • Cure diseases related to respiratory system
  • Improve body tone
  • Reduce the risk of getting infections and allergies in respiratory system
  • Increase the flexibility of the diaphragm which reduce the risk of hernia
  • Improve the blood circulation

Hope above discussed how to do kapalbhati instructions and mentioned health benefits of kapalbhati inspire you to perform this amazing yoga pose at home.

Side Effects to Keep you Safe

While Kapalbhati may be a safe way to cleanse and improve your body, health and mind, it has certain caution that needs to be exerted as well. It is not largely recommended for everyone. Especially not for those who suffer from Cardiac ailments and those with spinal issues. Also, such a technique needs to be avoided in case you are suffering from cold and nasal congestion. It is best recommended that you consult a Yoga Expert or a licensed doctor before you begin this routine.

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