How to Beat the Heat in Summer: 6 Ways you can Try

How to Beat the Heat in Summer

If you know how to beat the heat in summer, you will be able to make the most of the clear weather.

You can do lots of things if the weather is predictable.

For instance, you can go for family picnics, spend some time at a nearby beach, play softball, or read a book while relaxing on the backyard hammock.

While all the ideas discussed above are exceedingly attractive, they are risky too. That’s because you can do serious damage to your skin, hair, and overall health by spending too much time in the sun.

Excessive sun exposure can result in dehydration. If not addressed at the right time dehydration can lead to dangerous conditions such as heat exhaustion, heat cramps, and even heat stroke.

The section below would educate you about six easy ways of beating the extreme summer heat and staying fit even after spending hours outdoors.

Effective Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

1) Choose Your Clothes and Accessories Wisely

Your dressing style would play a major role in keeping you comfortable when spending time outside, in the sun.

Here are a few tips you should follow when choosing your clothes and accessories during the summer months:

Pick Light Colored Clothing

You must have noticed that most male movie stars prefer wearing white linen shirts when shooting or just spending some relaxing time on the beach.

This choice of clothing is not just a fashion statement but an intelligent pick for beating the summer heat.

You should do the same.

Stay away from all the dark clothes in your wardrobe when going out in the sun. Dark clothes absorb more heat and will cause serious discomfort for you when it’s already hot outside.

Also avoid wearing tight clothes. They will not allow you to sweat adequately and make you feel suffocated.

Sweating is the natural cooling system of human body. If your body fails to release the sweat, it will not be able to release the heat it is constantly absorbing.

Always Wear Sunglasses When Going Outside

Sunglasses are both functional and chic.

Wearing a pair of sunglasses would prevent the harmful ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun from searing your corneas.

Ideally, you should choose sunglasses capable of blocking 90-100% of the UV rays. You can expect such features only in units sold by top brands.

Don’t Forget Your Hat

There cannot be a smarter summer accessory than a hat.

When going out in the sun, you should never forget to cover your head with a wide-brimmed hat. It would ensure that the most sensitive parts of your face don’t get exposed to direct sunlight.

In addition, your hat would also prevent your hair from getting exposed to the detrimental ultraviolet rays.

Take Special Care of Your Skin

There are a few skin care regulations you must follow if you want to have healthy skin in summer.

Apply a Sunscreen when going out in the Sun

If you have a meeting during the day, you should never step out of your home without applying a sunscreen. This rule stands true for the entire year.

However, you need to be extra cautious in summer.

While during the winter months it would be okay to use a sunscreen with SPF rating of 15, for summer we would recommend sunscreens with SPF rating of 30 or more.

If you have plans of going for a swim, make sure your sunscreen is waterproof.

You should apply sunscreen on all the uncovered parts of your body. These include, your face, ears, back (when wearing a backless outfit), neck, hands, legs, etc.

Use Lip Balm

The sunscreen would protect all the exposed parts of your body from the sun, but it’s not meant to be applied on the lips.

So, to keep your lips protected, you will need to buy a lip balm with SPF rating. Applying the lip balm would not only block the UV rays but will also keep your lips well hydrated all through the day.

Learn When to Avoid the Sun

You should try to avoid going out during the peak hours i.e. between 10 am and 2 pm.

During those four hours, the sunlight becomes strongest, temperature remains at their maximum and the quantity of the ultraviolet rays also becomes highest.

If you go out early in the morning, try to get back before 10 am.

Consume as much liquid as possible during these peak hours. Keeping yourself hydrated will help you in negating the ill effects of the scorching summer heat.

If you are located in a region known for experiencing dangerous heat waves, keep an eye on the news. In case the concerned authorities issue any warning of an impending heat wave, try to spend the entire day indoors.

You should ideally keep your fan and A/C on when expecting a heat wave. And if you feel that your home is not sufficiently cool, shift to a nearby cooling station. Cooling stations are mostly put up at large buildings like public libraries.

If your job requires you to stay outside, try to secure yourself under a shade when the heat wave is on. You might still feel extremely uncomfortable but going under a shade would prevent worse outcomes. Even a slight temperature drop can be really helpful.

If possible, try to find a nearby restaurant, convenience store, or a supermarket. These places will not only allow you to relax in an air-conditioned environment but will also provide you with beverages in times of emergency.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

When it’s extremely hot, we tend to sweat. Sweating helps our body to cool down from within but results in loss of fluid.

If we don’t replenish the lost fluid, we might become victims of dehydration. This makes it mandatory for us to take certain steps for keeping our body well hydrated during the summer months.

Here’s what you should do to remain hydrated:

  • Consume at least 2.5 to 3 liters of water every day. Don’t wait for you to become thirsty. Make it a habit to consume water at regular intervals. Keep checking the color of your urine from time to time. If you have dark urine, it means you need hydration.
  • Consume one or two glasses of freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juices. This will not only prevent you from getting dehydrated but will also provide you with a series of essential nutrients.
  • Stay away from caffeine and alcohol.

You might feel good after having a glass of your favorite caffeinated beverage or chilled beer, but that’s only a temporary relief.

These drinks will suck up moisture from your body instead of replenishing the lost fluid.

Choose You Food Wisely

If you want to stay fit during the summer months, you must remove all those junks and fries from your daily diet. Here are some more summer diet tips for you:

  • Consume as much greens as possible.
  • Don’t forget to have a seasonal fruit along with your breakfast.
  • Consume curd or yogurt every day.
  • You can occasionally have some homemade spicy treats. These food items induce sweating, which in turn cools our body down.

Exercise Wisely

It would not be a good decision to stop exercising during the summer months. However, you should definitely avoid performing high intensity workouts during this time of the year.

We would advise you to go for a swim every morning before 8 am. This will help you to burn calories without getting exhausted.

Final Words

In brief, these are some ways you can follow to know how to beat the heat in summer. If you abide by the six advices mentioned above, you will succeed in ensuring that the scorching summer heat cannot get the better of you.


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