How Sleep Deprivation can Make you Lazy and Slow?

Sleep Deprivation

Sleeping is one of the most important body functions that makes the body rejuvenate itself and also adds to be energy quotient that your body can consume in the next day. Sleep deprivation can make you week and cause many health issues. This is the prime reason why adequate sleep is of utmost importance.

Good sleep has various benefits for the body. We highlight a few for you!

Health Benefits of Sleep

  1. Sleeping helps in clearing the digestive tract after the day such that the toxins and unwanted materials are thrown out of the body in the morning
  2. Sleeping helps in calming the nerves and circulatory channels such that the blood flow is regularized
  3. Sleeping is also associated with mental relaxation and destressing
  4. While sleeping the body repairs itself and its cells that have been damaged during the day
  5. Sleeping is also good for increasing memory and retaining it
  6. Sleeping is also required for the health and glow of the body
  7. Sleeping also corrects bad posture and is the best way to align the body with the centre of gravity.

For all reasons that are given it is important to note, the sleeping is beneficial only when it is routine correctly. The human body is tuned to the day and night cycle. This is why the sleep cycle has to be followed. Sleeping in the morning and not sleeping at the right time does more harm and no good. Similarly, Waking up too late in the morning also damages the body.

Sleep Deprivation is also associated with a lot of Body illnesses and diseases. Many chronic illnesses may stem out of the lack or excess of sleep!

Sleep Deprivation is the core of all the body diseases and lethargy!

Hardip Koradia

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