Home Remedies of Onion and Mustard Oil for Earache

Natural Earache Remedies

Ear aches are a common problem and can be very painful if not cured on time. There are many causes of earache and the common ones are given below:

Causes of Earache

  • Too much rinsing of the nose blocks the passage of air in the respiratory tract causing the ear to feel blocked and results in an ear ache
  • Ear infections that may be viral or bacterial also cause ear aches
  • Ear aches are also a common occurrence in areas of higher altitudes and less oxygen
  • In children, ear aches can also be caused due to pus cells in the ear canal
  • Ear aches may also be caused when the ear drum id injured or torn even slightly
  • Ear aches are also a side effect of prolonged cough

When you should Try Home Remedies for Earache?

Earache home remedies are best way to get rid of this painful situation. However, which earache remedies you should use and when is very important. Use of home remedies for earache depends on the causes and should be used to cure minor ear aches. Generally, ear infections cured naturally within few weeks; if it will last for long time then expert consultation should be a good idea to get rid of an earache.

Do not try any home remedies for earache on 1 or 2 years old kids without expert prescriptions.

How to Get Rid of an Earache Naturally?

Onion and mustard oil are considered to be the best natural earache remedies. It will not just help to get rid of an earache instantly but also cause no side effects. Simple earache can be cured even at home using some ingredients from your kitchen such as, olive, onion, ginger, garlic, peppermint etc. This write up is discussing about some effective home remedies for earache.

Onion for Earache

Onion juice is considered to be one of the most effective natural earache remedies. It can be used for adults and 5 years old kids as well. Extract one tablespoon onion juice and heat it at very low temperature. Put 2-3 drops of warm onion juice in the affected area. Use it 2-3 times a day would be much better and help to get rid of ear pain effectively.

You can even use it in a different way by holding crushed onions on the affected ear. Onions should be wrapped in a clean cloth. Repeat it for several times in a day for better results.

Apart from the onion juice as explained, there are other earache remedies that can provide relief from the ear aches in children and adults. One of the most common and effective method is the Socks that are used.

Here is How to Make It

Take two cups of Salt and pour them in a cotton sock. Warm this sock over a hot surface till it is bearable to be touched. Once warm enough, place on the ear that is paining and hot compress at regular intervals during the day till the pain subsides.

Another way would be to pour virgin Mustard oil. Two to three drops of hot mustard oil need to be drained down the affected ear for immediate relief.


If the pain persists, please see a doctor and seek medical attention. Ear aches can affect hearing and impair the sense of balance causing vertigo and related problems. This should therefore not be ignored unless the pain disappears.

Onions for ear aches? The warm juice on an onion is all that you need to cure an ear ache at home!

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