Whether in Normal Condition or Under Stress, Say Bye-Bye to Stammering Now!

Benefits of Gooseberry

Stammering is a common problem that affects the flow of speech in children and adults. While there are many exercises and speech therapy treatments to help get rid of the condition, the basic problem still persists because of a thicker tongue than normal. This stammering or stuttering happens due to a thicker tongue than what is required for normal speech. This is why it is essential to reduce the thickness of the tongue in order to get rid of the problem completely.

Here is what you Need to Try

  • Clarified Butter: Known for medicinal properties and healing, it helps in the brain functioning. This is why a regular intake of butter along with a pinch of black pepper really helps in reducing the stammer.
  • Try black pepper and Almonds: Roast a few almonds in black pepper and suck them inhaling the aroma and taste. Repeatedly carry out this regime and see the difference.
  • Brahmi Oil: Application and a light massage of this oil which is very rich in memory boosting and natural immunity boosting elements is also a sure shot cure for treating this problem. Massage your head and temples with this oil every night and let go of the stammer.
  • Especially for children who are not able to pronounce the words correctly, simply help them with a muslin cloth. Hold the child’s tongue with a soft muslin cloth and pull lightly. This has been the most proven way of treating a child who stutters or does not speak with clarity.

Another exercise which can be easily done is opening and shutting the mouth. For this open the mouth as much as you can even if it means rolling the tongue inside touching the tip of your oral cavity. Then pull the tongue out as much as possible and keep repeating this activity for as long as you can do it. This is also an effective way of getting rid of the problem.

Apart from other things, Indian Gooseberry can be really helpful in getting rid of the stutter!

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