Home Remedies For Vulvar (Vagina) Itching And Burning

Home Remedies for Vulvar Itching and Burning

Are you feeling uneasy due to an irritating sensation around the vagina? If that’s the case, then it could be due to yeast infection which is known as vulvoaginitis or vaginitis.

Usually, you might have to bear the pain, bad odor and manage with the unusual vaginal discharge. But, if that is what is spoiling your mood, then you need to scroll ahead. While we have covered the causes, we have also compiled itching vagina home remedies you can certainly try.

What Causes Vaginal Itching?

If you experience an itching sensation in your vagina, then there are many reasons why you might be suffering from the condition.

  • Whenever the balance varies between good and bad bacteria, then the lady might suffer from bacterial vaginosis. Use of antibiotics, indulging in love making with many partners, and douching are also the prime factors for vaginal itching and burning.
  • If the woman has been taking antibiotics or corticosteroids medicines, then there is always the likelihood for yeast infection. Diabetes and pregnancy can also increase the probabilities of getting affected through yeast infection.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases due to the protozoa, Trichomonas vaginalis can be one of the reasons for vaginal itching.
  • An imbalance in the female hormone or estrogen can fail to keep the vaginal tissues moist. This, in turn, can cause the tissues to contract and lead to vaginal dryness and swelling. The condition is normally perceived if the individual has gone through chemotherapy or has been depressed for some time. Performing exercises beyond a certain limit could also be the cause for the condition.
  • Use of soap, detergent, spermicides or vaginal sprays can make the lady feel uncomfortable and cause itching inside the vagina.

Now, before you get in touch with the doctor, you could follow home remedies to relieve vaginal itchingOpens in a new tab. instantly.

Home Remedies For Vulvar Itching And Burning

Home Remedies for Vaginal ItchingItching sensations in private parts can be varied from women to women, some may feel vaginal itching at night, some may feel itchy vagina after sex, some may experience vaginal itching inside or outside the vagina. Fortunately, such situations are manageable with certain home remedies for vaginal itching such as;


Yogurt for Vulvar ItchingYogurt contains probiotic or good bacteria which can control the excess growth of candida. As per a research, women should consume yogurt every day if they are suffering from yeast infection time and again. This helps in reducing the itching sensation after some time. Ideally, it’s always essential to consume yogurt as much as 8 ounces if you want relief from itchy, burning vagina.


Garlic for Vaginal ItchingFor inhibiting the growth of candida, garlic can serve to be effective due to the presence of a sulfur-containing compound known as allein. The lady can either take garlic tablets or use it as a vaginal suppository. If she is thinking about the latter option, then she should first peel the garlic cloves, wrap it in a gauze and keep it around the affected area throughout the night. Even though garlic can be included in the diet, fresh garlic is extremely effective as compared to garlic powder.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil for Vaginal BurningTea tree oil is popularly known as an oil to get rid of yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, and trichomonas. Certain bioactive compounds like gamma-terpinene, alpha-terpineol, terpinen-4-ol, and alpha-terpineol help in reducing bacterial and fungal growth.

Initially, you need to wash the area with tea tree oil diluted in water. As an alternative, you can also think about a douche with 0.4 percent of oil diluted in a quarter cup of water. The individual can also use a tampon soaked in tea tree oil solution. Later, she can use the tampon as a suppository for reducing the burning sensation in the vagina.

Boric Acid

Boric Acid for Vulvar BurningIf instances of yeast infection recur, then boric acid capsules can be used as suppositories. However, if the lady is pregnant, then she should never consider using boric acid among itching vagina home remedies.

As you treat the affected area, you first need to fill a capsule with 600 mg of boric acid powder. Later, you should insert the capsule inside the vagina, keep it the entire night, and remove it the next day. For clearing the infection quickly, you can always try out the remedy twice in a week. But, before proceeding with anything else, it’s always better to seek advice from the doctor.


Goldenseal to Cure Itchy VaginaA plant observed in North America, Goldenseal serves to be the best option for vaginal itching treatment. A research reveals that goldenseal contains berberine that’s highly effective to fight back yeast infection and trichomonas vaginalis.

So, as you wash the itchy vaginal area, you can think of preparing a douche with goldenseal. For a better treatment, you can also use goldenseal along with myrrh.


Myrrh to Treat Burning VaginaOwing to its medicinal value, Myrrh can always be used to combat protozoa. Initially, you have to mix half a teaspoon of Myrrh and Goldenseal with a little bit of water. Soon after heating the solution for around 10 minutes, you should let it cool down and use it as a douche twice during the day. For relief from the itching sensation, it’s always better to proceed with the remedy for 2 weeks.

Natural Oils

Natural Oils to Treat Itchy VaginaFor moisturizing the vagina, the lady can apply natural oils like coconut oil and almond oil. Moreover, it is never recommended to use synthetic oil because the remnants might stay for some time and change the pH level in the vagina.

So, if you are thinking about using oil, then you could either apply almond or coconut oil around the vagina with your fingers. This vulvar itching home remedy would certainly reduce the itching sensation and the dryness.

Soy Products

Soy Products to Relieve Itchy VaginaBeing a rich source of isoflavones, soy products serve to be helpful for vaginal dryness. As you plan to include soy products in your diet, you should gradually increase the quantity till the system can digest the product. In case you love smoothies, then you can think about pureed tofu instead of sour cream.

Moving ahead, soy milk can also keep you healthy and get rid of the problem.

Flax Seeds

Flax Seeds for Vulvar Itching InfectionSince flaxseeds contain phytoestrogens, these can definitely improve the condition as well as the menopausal symptoms. So, for effective results, you should always grind the seeds and take them with ample quantity of water. You can consume as much as 9 grams of flax seeds every day. But, due to high fibre content, it’s advisable to include the seeds in your diet gradually.

NOTE: Never follow the remedy if you are pregnant or when the estrogen-like activity is quite high. In case you are suffering from bowel obstruction, endometriosis or ovarian cancer, then you should consult the doctor right away and check out a way on how to get rid of vaginal itching.

Licorice Tea

Licorice Tea for Vulvar BurningLicorice roots not only stimulate the mucous production but are also helpful for giving instant relief from vaginal dryness.

As you proceed with the remedy, it’s always better to drink two to three cups of licorice tea during the day. For preparing the tea, you should first mix half an ounce of the roots with half a liter of water. After boiling the concoction for 15 minutes, you need to strain the mixture and relish the tea once it cools down for a few seconds.

Do make sure that you do not add more than the suggested amount of licorice roots. This tip has to be kept in mind because excess roots can increase the blood pressure.

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Ashwagandha to Get Rid of Itchy VaginaAccording to Ayurveda, Ashwagandha it certainly an effective herb if you are wondering on how to gain relief from vaginal itching. It is recommended to take this herb along with honey and ghee. Moreover, you can also take half teaspoon of Ashwagandha powder with a cup of milk before falling asleep.

However, before you plan to move on with the remedy, you should speak with the doctor and check for the most appropriate Ashwagandha dose.

Tips for Preventing Internal Vaginal Itching

#Tip 1 – It’s always better to keep yourself away from sweet and processed food items.

#Tip 2 – Wear undergarments in which you feel comfortable. As for the fabric, choose something that’s made from cotton.

#Tip 3 – During monsoon or after swimming, you should remove the undergarments immediately. This tip should be taken into consideration because a moist area is always a breeding ground for yeast.

#Tip 4 – Don’t use douches unless the doctor has advised you to do so. Moreover, you should avoid using vaginal lotions and sprays because it can alter the level of good bacteria and yeast.

Natural remedies for vaginal itching actually work for treating the yeast infection. Do check the quality in case you would be using oil, herbs or supplements.

Do contact the doctor immediately if you experience discomfort even after following one of the aforementioned home remedies for vulvar itching and burning.

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