Stammering, A Speaking Disorder not Letting you Say it Right!

Home Remedies for Stammering

Stammering may just be a habit or a disorder of the tongue. In either cases, it just kills the confidence of a person and also makes a person shy away from speaking in public. Other problems of course are feeling not as competent as others and frustration. Be it personal or professional life,stammering is a huge hindrance to the person’s individual growth and success. Here are some effective ways to help yourself if you stammer.


  • Add a pinch of black Pepper churan to your butter intake and consume it in the morning. This can effectively help you get rid of it over time.
  • Add a pinch of salt to a spoon full of honey and mix well. Rub this over the tongue and massage well
  • Indian Gooseberry or Amla as it is commonly called is also very beneficial to cure stuttering. Chewing on Amla and eating it every day is a proven remedy for curing Stammering
  • For children, hold a clean muslin cloth in the fingers and now hold the child’s tongue. Just jerk and pull the tongue slowly. This also greatly helps in relieving the stutter.


Speak to yourself: May be in front of the mirror or just alone facing a wall. Try talking out loud to yourself letting your inhibition go. This has helped many people throughout the world and is considered the first step in speech therapy.

Open the mouth as wide as you can, then try pulling your tongue as inwards as possible even if it means curling your tongue inside towards the centre of your throat. Then gradually pull the tongue out of the mouth as far as it can go. Keep repeating this for ten minutes every day at a stretch and slowly you will see the stutter go.

Stammering happens to be an emotional problem more than the physical problem. This can be cured only with perseverance and patience.

Butter and Black pepper can actually kill the habit of stammering!

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