Hidden Health Benefits of Delicious Fruit Papaya

Health Benefits of Eating Papayas

Your everyday consumption of food is just not complete till you do not add a bowl of papaya to it. This fruit is rich in Papain which is a great digestive enzyme. Round and pear shaped, an ideal ripe papaya should be about 7 Inches in length. The flesh is the best when it is ripe and has a yellow or orange colour with hues of pink added to it.

Why should I eat the Papaya?

Not just the flesh but the peel and the seeds are equally beneficial. The seeds are present in the internal cavity with a gel like substance making them slippery. You can consume them too just that it seems to be a bit slippery.

Secondly, the peel can me ground and pasted along with the flesh to make an excellent beauty agent called the papaya face mask. This is applied on the face and massaged to reduce the wrinkles and add better elasticity to the skin.

Alternatively, it can help in prevention –

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Indigestion and constipation
  • Heart diseases
  • Effective agent in weight loss
  • Very effective in increasing metabolism and natural body immunity

Mixed with green tea, this combination is just amazing when it comes to natural protection against prostate cancer.

Also, Papaya is very effective in reducing the inflammation in any part of the body. So either you can eat it or you can apply it for the same.


Papayas may be allergic for a few people just like bananas. They have latex type of substance in them which is not suited to all body types. Just be cautious while eating the fruit, if you are eating it for the first time after reading this helpful post!

Give your stomach the best by eating a bowl of Papaya Serving!

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