10 Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

Wheat Grass or (Gehu ka jawara) is an age old remedy to treat day to day problems. You may either powder it or squeeze the juice out of it for consumption. The simplest way is to chew on wheatgrass to get all its benefits. Read on to know the 10 different reasons (health benefits of wheatgrass) why you need to drink wheatgrass daily.

Though it is also grown from the common wheat grains it is considered to be a life giving herb. While a person of any age can safely consume wheatgrass juice as it is very helpful in increasing immunity and boosting health.

Wheat grass juice is a rich source of amino acids, chlorophyll, enzymes and vitamins, and helps to fight better against diseases.

Nutritional Value

The entire range of Vitamins ranging from Vitamin A to Vitamin K and ascorbic acid, traces of sulphur, sodium, copper, Iodine and magnesium make this a rich source of health giving elements. Similarly, Iron, zinc, boron and selenium are also present. This makes this herb a classic and rare combination of the herbaceous variety. Such a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals is not commonly found.

Wheatgrass Nutritional Values
Source – http://www.800wheatgrass.com/wheatgrass-info.html

10 Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

Though this may not exactly be called tasty and has a palpable taste, the benefits exceed the taste quotient by many folds.

  1. It purifies blood and is a best way to detox the body.
  2. This herb also improves digestion and improves skin conditions.
  3. It is an effective remedy against constipation.
  4. Presence of 70% of chlorophyll makes wheat grass the best agent to increase immunity and boost the overall metabolism of the body.
  5. Wheatgrass contains chlorophyll in high content which has almost similar chemical composition like haemoglobin. Thus, many times experts advised cancer patients to drink wheat grass juice.
  6. It improves mental health by clearing brain fog and helps in alleviating depression and anxiety.
  7. Helpful in burning fat and boosting your weight loss efforts.
  8. It increases our body’s strength and energy.
  9. It has anti-aging effects.
  10. Control the blood sugar levels and alkalinity.

Wheatgrass Juice Recipe

Wheatgrass Juice Recipe
Wheatgrass Juice

Wheat grass can be consumed in different ways, but liquid form is one of the most advisable ways of consuming wheatgrass. It digests easily and requires no efforts to make wheatgraas juice. Here is the complete guide on how to make wheatgrass juice at home;


  • 2 or 3 Chopped Apples
  • 2 or 3 Chunked Cucumbers
  • 3 Ounces Wheatgrass
  • Around 3 cups of parsley
  • Around 1 cup of spinach and celery

First, get a smart blender in which you can blend or grind all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Then start adding few slices of apples and cucumbers and then add some wheatgrass with spinach, parsley and celery. Keep altering your veggies while adding them in the juicer so that they mix well. Keep doing it till the last slice of used veggies.

It takes around 10 to 15 minutes and your wheatgrass juice is ready to drink, yum!

If you do not have smart blender then you can yet prepare wheatgrass juice with water by using normal blender.

Watch this video to get full wheatgrass juice recipe;

How you can Grow Wheat Grass at Home?

All you would need is rich soil and some pots. Sow the seeds with organic manure and do not use chemical fertilizers. The next day sow the second pot and the third pot on the third day and so on. Fill up many pots like this. Water the plants continuously and when you see the plants growing a bit place them in sunshine. When the plant grows upto 7 inches in height, it is just the right time to consume it. Letting it grow further would make the nutritional value decrease with every inch increased in the height.

Ways of Consuming Wheatgrass

Of course the best is to grind it in a juicer and extract the juice and consume it. But you may also find it in the powdered form or as a tablet in the market.

Caution with Wheatgrass!

 NEVER add salt or lemon juice to the Wheat grass juice. You may add honey, mint leaves or sugar to taste. And this may also cause vomiting. Do not worry about it since it is the way of expelling the toxins from the body. 

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