7 Health Benefits of Split Green Grams (Moong Dal)

Benefits of Split Green Grams

Split green grams (Moong Dal) are rated among the most nutritious vegetarian superfoods. They are rich sources of protein and have low carbohydrate content.

Moong dal is consumed in almost every Indian household thanks to its high nutritional value and easy-to-digest nature. The low carb content of this pulse type makes it a better dietary option compared to other pulses like masoor.

Read on to know more about incredible health benefits of split green grams or Moong Dal.

Split Green Gram (Moong Dal) Health Benefits

1) They Can Aid Weight Loss

The protein and fiber contents of mung beans are remarkably high. These feature makes them an integral part of many weight loss diets.

Several studiesOpens in a new tab. conducted over the years have confirmed that both protein and fiber are capable of suppressing hunger hormones like ghrelin.

In addition, other studies have revealed that those nutrients work by encouraging production of hormones that trigger a feeling of fullness. Examples of such hormones include cholecystokinin, YY, and GLP-1.

These two effects of fibers and proteins curb our appetite, reduce our daily calorie intake, and eventually result in weight loss.

2) Improve Heart Health

Split green grams contain high quantity of iron and potassium. While iron works by preventing muscle cramping, potassium play a crucial role in blood pressure management.

According to expert nutritionists, regular consumption of these legumes also prevent onset of irregular heartbeats.

When you have normal blood pressure and heartbeat and the muscles of your heart are working fine, you can rest assured about your cardiac health.

3) Split Green Grams are Filled with Nutrients

Split green grams consist of a series of beneficial macro and micro nutrients. These include vitamin B6, folate, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, copper, iron, potassium, fiber, and loads of protein.

Being a rich source of B vitamins, split green grams help human body in breaking complex carbohydrates into glucose and producing usable energy.

The high quantity of folic acid found in the legume, on the other hand, supports normal functioning of our brain. Folate also plays a major role in DNA production.

We have already discussed about moong dal’s high fiber content. In this segment, let us dig deeper into the numbers.

A cupful of split green grams contains 40.5% to 71% of our recommended daily intake (RDI) of fiber.

Adding this food item to your daily diet will allow you to consume adequate amount of fiber every day. This, in turn, will reduce the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) in your blood and normalize your bowel movements.

Our body needs a large quantity of protein for performing its daily functions. This makes protein a macro nutrient.

The two major storage proteins found in this ingredient are albumin and globulin. They constitute more than 85% of amino acids present in this dal.

Consuming moong dal along with millet, roti, rice or any other cereal would convert them into complete protein.

Protein is the structural and functional unit of our cartilage, skin, bones, muscles, and blood. Thus, consuming enough protein every day in form of a bowlful of moong dal would make you much stronger physically. In addition, it would promote new tissue building and repair your worn-out tissue.

Getting enough protein often becomes difficult for vegetarians and vegans. Moong dal can solve this problem to a great extent.

Due to its high protein content, moong dal is a must-have for every individual taking a vegetarian/vegan diet.

4) Prevent Diabetes

When not managed effectively, increased blood sugar levels can lead to serious health problems.

Diabetes is known to increase our chances of developing a number of debilitating chronic diseases. These include kidney disorders, cardiac problems, neuropathy, and so on. To prevent such events, you should change your dietary habits besides undergoing medical treatment.

Including split green grams in your daily meals would help you in controlling your blood sugar levels. The protein and fiber present in these grains will slow down the release of glucose into your bloodstream.

Moong dal contains two major antioxidants known as isovitexin and vitexin. They work to decrease our blood sugar levels by increasing the efficacy of the insulin produced by our pancreas.

5) Enable Better Digestion

When we consume split green grams, our gut produces butyrate, which is a beneficial fatty acid.

Butyrate plays a crucial role in keeping our intestinal walls healthy.

In addition, moong dal is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that helps in preventing gas formation and accumulation.

All these qualities of moong help us to digest other food items more efficiently. The dal itself can also be digested very easily.

6) Improve Blood Circulation

Being a potent source of iron split green grams promote red blood cell production and thus prevent anemia and boost blood circulation.

With improved blood circulation, your cells and organs will enjoy a better supply of oxygen and function more efficiently.

7) Great Food Choice for Pregnant Women

Most nutritionists and physicians recommend increased intake of folate-rich food items during pregnancy. That’s because folate plays a major role in optimal growth of the unborn child.

Insufficient consumption of folate during pregnancy can result in birth defects in the newborn.

The good news is that one cup of cooked split green grams (around 202 grams) contains 80% of the recommended daily intake of folate.

In addition, the fiber, protein, and iron present in the grain also make it a good food option for expecting mothers.

Here’s a word of caution you must remember. Don’t consume raw moong when pregnant. That’s because raw moong beans can contain disease-causing bacteria that may harm both you and your unborn baby. Cooked moong, however, never impose any such risk.

Final Words

You shouldn’t find it difficult to include split green grams in your daily diet. These grams are not only nutritious but are also extremely versatile and delicious.

You can use moong as a substitute for most other pulses and beans and prepare salads, soups, and curries using it.

Cooking the dal is pretty easy. You will only need to add enough water to the split green grams and boil them until they become tender. This should take 20 to 30 minutes.

You can also steam the pulses in your pressure cooker and get them ready for the next procedures in just five minutes.

In brief, these were all major health benefits of Moong Dal (Split Green Grams). Add it to your daily dish and enjoy amazing benefits it has to offer for your body.


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