How Onion Juice Helps your Skin, Hair and body weight?

Health Benefits of Onion Juice

If you think onions can make just good salads and add to your taste buds, there are many more uses you could put the onion to. With elements supremely beneficial for skin and hair, the onion juice is one of the important elements of ancient alternative medicine. This is also why people have extensively used Onions in cooking.

Health Benefits of Onion Juice

  • One of the major benefits of Onion Juice is its ability to retain good hair and stop hair fall. This is why rubbing onion juice on the scalp has been a proven remedy to stop hair fall and promote the growth of hair.
  • Alternatively, drinking onion juice is very good for controlling the blood pressure and increasing the natural metabolism of the body helping you to reduce the weight naturally.
  • Onion Juice if applied on the face reduces wrinkles and also makes it easier for the body to naturally digest food and fats.
  • Not only this but onion juice is rich in analgesic properties and helps alleviate pain instantly. This is why rubbing onion juice on the affected area is considered beneficial and used for instant relief.
  • Onion Juice is also known for reversing the effects of excessive heat in the body. This is why in summers drinking onion juice or eating raw onion can save from sunstroke and heat strokes.

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It can’t get easier to relieve the stiffness in the body than a simple massage of onion juice!

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