Health Benefits of Hing (Asafoetida) with Ajwain and Salt

Benefits of Hing Powder

Commonly added to dals and dishes, with a strong specific pungent taste and smell to it, here are the major, reasons to add hing powder to your diet. Not only does it enhance the nutritional value but also adds to the taste per say. Read on to know more!

Health Benefits of Hing (Asafoetida)

  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-indigestion, Hing is used to tackle all common stomach related problems to no end.
  • It has also found extensive use in treating many problems that women face in their middle age. Very effective in providing relief from menstrual cramps and delaying of periods, Hing is a safe way to alleviate the lower abdomen pains.
  • We bet you did not know that Hing is also used to treat sperm related problems and helps in treatment of impotency in men and women! Safe and natural, Hing is effective in helping cure infertility and low sperm counts as well.
  • Especially for children, Hing acts as a good expectorant and helps in relieving phlegm and other chest related mucous. This is why it is the first measure used to combat cough in children.
  • Hing is also used to lower the levels of sugar in the blood naturally, allowing the body to strengthen its immune system.
  • Enriched with components called coumarins, Hing is very beneficial in thinning blood and relieving from clotting. This naturally makes Hing suggested for use as a blood pressure maintaining agent. Hing helps in controlling blood pressure naturally.
  • As an analgesic, Hing also helps in controlling pain and curing common aches and cramps
  • It also protects against some types of cancers if it is consumed every day for a long period of time

With corns and callouses, Hing is beneficial in treating the body against skin diseases as well. Applying paste of Hing on a corn or a wound can help in healing it faster.

Hing, Ajwain and Salt- the magic potion to relieve stomach ache immediately!

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