Early Dinner and Light Meals are the Key to Better Health and Longer Life!

Benefits of Eating Early Dinner

The body does have a specific clock that it follows and as per this clock, it consumes the sugars. Any disturbance to the body clock would disrupt the metabolism of the body making you either lose weight or gain weight with no specific reasons. According to a research, it is advisable to eat lunch like a prince and keep the dinner as simple as that of a pauper. This is the main reason that easy to digest dinners have been recommended over the ages.

Advantages of Eating Light and Early Dinners

While the biggest disadvantage of eating heavy dinner is indigestion and bloating, most of the chronic illnesses like high blood pressure and diabetes are also associated with heavy meals. Having a heavy lunch gives enough scope to the body for digesting the extra calories that may have been consumed. But a heavy dinner does not give that scope to the body. This is one of the primary reasons that health freaks and people conscious of their health do not prefer to eat after 7 pm.

Other disadvantages of eating a heavy dinner would include effects like increase in weight and reduced metabolism. This naturally triggers lethargy in the body making you feel lazy and sluggish all through the next day. Getting bitter burps and rancid acid reflux also happens due to this disorder. In fact medically and emotionally people may feel attracted to eating between meals and snaking late at night. This classifies for a mental disorder that needs to be treated.

Keeping your weight in control and not exceeding the recommended weigh limits is essential for good health!

If good digestion and a longer life is what you want, you need to be eating smaller meals and consume lighter food!

Hardip Koradia

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