Desi Dahi is Good. But is it Yogurt or Curd?

Benefits of Dahi

Difference Between Curd & Yogurt

Confuse about desi dahi and yogurt? Here is what you should know about yogurt and curd, possibly the biggest confusion that we have.

Yogurt is a dairy product which is formed by curdling and fermenting milk using good bacteria. The “jamun” that we normally use to make Yogurt is called Yogurt culture. It releases lactic acid, making Yogurt Tangy and acidic in taste.

On the other hand, Curd is a dairy product which is obtained by curdling milk of any source using lemon and vinegar. The water left behind called whey is drained and the semi solid portion is the curd. You may just have it plain or add salt or sugar to add to the taste!

The Historical Evidence

In India, Yogurt has been dated to Circa 500 BC and is known as the “Food of the Gods”. Probably this is why Yogurt is a major portion of the offerings made to God.

Old Wives Tales or Truth?

How many time has your grandmother said that you should not eat yogurt when you have a cough or cold? This has been proven otherwise. In fact to the contrary belief of the people, eating yogurt in cold is actually helpful. It helps keep the body hydrated and does makes our body fight the bacteria causing the flu.

Serving the purpose of a probiotic, the bacteria in the yogurt help fight the condition. Colds are normally accompanied by a mild fever but you should see a doctor immediately if the fever goes higher than expected and refuses to settle out.

Now you have all the reasons in the world to eat yogurt every day!

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