Here is Why Basil Needs to be Grown in Every House!

Health Benefits of Basil

If you let a kitchen choose its herb, it will surely be only basil! The rich fragrance in rosemary and thyme combines very well with the aroma and taste of Basil. Use it extensively in cooking and salads and make your health comparable to youth in a matter of weeks. Though you may be able to easily find almost 60 varieties of Basil, primarily for the sake of simplicity there are just three types of Basil, Sweet, Purple and bush. You can just a couple of leaves to transform even a simple thing like sandwiches. The best thing about this herb that you can happily grow it inside the house. Just keep snipping off the pine heads and new branches would keep growing all around the herb.

Health Benefits of Basil Herb

Here are seven things that basil can help you with!

  • Boosts your immunity and makes you feel fresher from within
  • The leaves of the herb have anti-oxidant properties and help in protecting the body from aging
  • Certain oils present in the leaves are anti-inflammatory and analgesics
  • Playing a vital role for bone strengthening, basil leaves also produce the clotting factors in the blood
  • Treat kidney disorders, intestinal disorders and Stomach flues with a drained fluid of basil made by boiling basil leaves for a long time in a lot of water.
  • Worried about Acne? Just rub freshly ground paste of Basil on the affected area for a few weeks and watch them disappear right before your eyes.
  • Completely control the cholesterol levels in your body with this herb without added medication.
  • No herb can match the benefits of this King of herbs. While you may eat it raw, you can also grind it to a paste or boil it and train the liquid. Just keep away a bit if you have low blood pressure. Basil helps in decreasing the blood pressure as a common cure!
Forget the medicine shelf and switch to Basil for all common ailments!

Hardip Koradia

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