Harad a Natural Alternative of Weight Loss Medication

Benefits of Harad

Are you tired of your current weight loss medication plans? If yes, then you should try natural ayurvedic diet in which addition of Harad herb would be a great idea to add extra fat burning agent. This post will help you to dig out some unknown Harad fruit benefits.

5 Harad (Haritaki) Benefits

With seven varieties of the herb easily available, Vijaya is the type of Harad that is considered to be the best. There are many benefits of Harad that it provides to our body. We give you the five best uses.

  1. Chewing on the raw Harad fruit acts as a natural digestive and enhances the digestive power immensely. This subsequently increases the rate of metabolism in the body thereby leading to weight loss in the most natural and healthy way.
  2. If this is steamed and boiled and then eaten, this helps in treatment of conditions related to absorption of nutrients which is the biggest factor for weight gain and unhealthy digestive system.
  3. Tridosha imbalance according to Indian historical medicine and Ayurveda is a condition of the body which may be roughly explained as a hormonal imbalance. Fried the herb or the fruit and then consuming it helps in correcting the complications of the Tridosha imbalance thereby working towards overall health of the body.
  4. If you think that you have just eaten something which will lead to an upset stomach or by mistake consumed food which was spoiled and rotten, immediately eat Harad. Aiding in the elimination of the toxins from the food, it is an effective and immediate resort against diarrhea and stomach infections.
  5. Consume it with salt for balancing the Kapha and if Pita is the Tridosha, consume it with sugar. If you eat it along with Ghee it helps in balancing the Vata disorders.

Apart from this add it to honey and eat it in the morning to relive the symptoms of common cold and phlegm that is a recurring problem in most of the monsoon months. The potency of this herb and the fruit help in eliminating the phlegm from the body wither in the mucous form or by excretory system.

Here are some conditions where you need to be careful about eating Harad fruit.

  • Feeling of dryness or dehydration
  • If you have just come back from a long walk or are extremely tired
  • In cases of pregnant women
  • Having a lean body as this will make you lose more weight
We give you five best uses of Harad. Thank us later!

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